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9/24 Police Beats

September 26, 2014

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Sept. 12, 2:02 p.m.: An unknown person was reported to have taken a purse with its contents out of an office in the Fine Arts building. Sept. 15, 11:13 p.m.: Subject reported that she was receiving unwanted texts, emails and phone calls in the University Center. Sept. 15, 12:07 p.m.: A subject’s pre...

9/17 Police Beats

September 17, 2014

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Sept. 8, 9:55 a.m.: An unknown subject stole a parking permit out of an unsecured vehicle in the Welcome Center’s Parking Office. Sept. 8, 5:53 p.m.: A parked vehicle was allegedly scraped by another car going into an adjacent space in Lot L. Sept. 9, 12:03 p.m.: A cellphone was found in Griffin ...

9/10 Police Beats

September 10, 2014

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Sept. 3, 11:27 a.m.: A woman reported that subjects unknown pick-pocketed her cell phone out of her book bag in the Student Union’s Food Court. Sept. 3, 4:46 p.m.: A parked vehicle was struck by another unknown vehicle inside of Kenton Garage. Sept. 3, 7:39 p.m.: A faucet left on in the utili...

Police Beats 9/3

September 3, 2014

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Aug. 23 1:34 p.m.: A two vehicle incident occurred in Callahan’s parking lot. There were no injuries. Aug. 24, 4:45 a.m.: A man living in the rental properties on Johns Hill Rd. was transported to the hospital by ambulance for evaluation and treatment. Aug. 26, 8:47 a.m.: A report was received ...

Police Beats 8-27-2014

August 27, 2014

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Aug. 20, 5:00 p.m.: A person reported that his parking pass was stolen out of his car in Kenton Garage. Aug. 20, 11:00 p.m.: A subject was allegedly in the possession of alcohol in Norse Hall. Aug. 21, 10:02 a.m.: Found property was received at the Student Union. It was later turned in to the...

Police Beats 10/3/13

October 3, 2013

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Sept. 20, 7:52 a.m.: An NKU employee found an unattended textbook and a tablet on the plaza.   Sept. 20, 6:57 p.m.: There was a single car accident in the University Drive garage. There were no injuries.   Sept. 20, 11:39 p.m.: Two students in the University Suites were found with alcoh...

University Policebeats

August 21, 2013

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Aug. 2,  3:22 p.m.: A marijuana pipe and lighter were found in a flower bed outside of the Student Union. Between 3 and 5 p.m.: An iPod was reported stolen in the break room inside Central Receiving. It was later found.   Aug. 13  8:15 a.m.: A man received a harassing envelope ...

Student triggers fire sprinkler, floods entire wing of Callahan Hall

Student triggers fire sprinkler, floods entire wing of Callahan Hall

Mac Payton, News Editor

August 20, 2013

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At 7 o’clock in the morning on August 20, Rick Seal didn’t want to wake up his roommates living with him in A302 in Callahan Hall. Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful in his mission. “I had the earliest class,” Seal said. “[My roommates] were asleep…. I was almost all ready, but I had t...

Possible arson attempt in Callahan Hall

Mac Payton, Staff writer

January 31, 2013

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On Jan. 23, a facilities management worker reported what she believed to be an arson attempt in one of the elevators in Callahan Hall. University Police Chief Jason Willis said that it appeared someone held a cigarette lighter up to the ceiling, causing it to partially melt. Willis said that there...

Police Beats 9/13/2012

September 12, 2012

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Sept. 7 3:10 a.m. A person was arrested for alcohol intoxication in a public place after a cab driver was unable to wake that person up. 11:07 a.m. A citation was issued for a forged Northern Kentucky University parking permit in Lot E. 11:33 a.m. In Lot Q property was taken from an...

Police Beats 8/30/2012

August 30, 2012

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Aug. 22 3:41 p.m. Starting at 2:44p.m. a subject started threats via text message and voicemail. 6:28 p.m. At the Steely Library there was a report of an unwanted person in the area. 6:32 p.m. A wallet was found and turned into police. The owner was later contacted. 11:11 p.m. A citation...

Police Beats 4/18/2012

April 18, 2012

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April 8 8:30 p.m. There was a two vehicle accident near Callahan Hall. No injuries were reported. April 9 3:48 p.m. A male reported that an unknown person stole his Kindle Fire in the lobby of the Student Union. 5:45 p.m. A parked car was hit by an unknown driver who left the scene in Lot...

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