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‘Working’ works

Jeremy Jackson, Jeremy Jackson, and Jeremy Jackson

February 24, 2009

Photo courtesy of Mikki Schaffner/NKU Theatre CompanyWith the multitude of social and financial duress that our nation is facing today, no truer stage could be more relevant than that of the American worker. The laborers of America can rest easy now, knowing their stories will be conveyed by way of ...

‘Millionaire’ top ‘Dog’ at Oscars

Tim Owens, Tim Owens, and Tim Owens

February 24, 2009

Not even Harvey Weinstein could stop Slumdog Millionaire from dominating the Oscars Sunday night. Despite the Studio head/producers heavy campaign for The Reader, Slumdog, the odds-on favorite, nabbed eight Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director for Danny Boyle. 'You've been so generou...

Spring break on a budget

Aleta Shaffner

March 3, 2005

Pack your bags, we're outta here! It's Spring Break '05, and for Northern Kentucky University students, it means the party starts March 6. Students have a lot of studying to do before then, so this is going to make it easier by giving the basics (for any budget) to make this spring break the one...

Shop smart when buying holiday decorations

Jamie McIver

December 8, 2004

Adam McIver It may be your first Christmas on your own, and you have to start on your very own collection of Christmas decorations. Don't let it put a dent in your wallet. Here are some great holiday ideas for college students. First, Target seemed to have a majority of the Christmas decorating ...

Smart shopping can save money

Regan Coomer

November 10, 2004

As tuition increases each year, it becomes more important for the average college student to save money. One way to do this is bargain shop. Clothes, appliances, electronics and books can be purchased at low prices by knowing how and when to shop at thrift stores. Essential clothing items can...

FearFest additions offer more fright for the buck

Steve Funaro

October 13, 2004

What kind of haunted house offers a 214-foot drop at more than 75 miles per hour? The Paramount's Kings Island kind. It's time again for the park's annual FearFest, a celebration of all things spooky. Although there are plenty of events for children during the day, older visitors will find...

Movie theater options

Steve Funaro

September 29, 2004

Movie fans can be a loyal, sometimes overzealous, bunch of people. Some of them wake up before sunup just to wait in line for a new release. Others pay $8 just to see a trailer of a movie that won't be released for months. While not everyone is as dedicated as hardcore movie-goers, it is important...

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