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Revelation Trail: Surviving the frontier just got harder

Shawn Buckenmeyer

October 27, 2010

If you woke up tomorrow morning to a zombie apocalypse, would you arm yourself with a gun or a sword? John Gibson, a professor and media engineer for the Electronic Media and Broadcasting department and Norse Media at Northern Kentucky University, says he would go with the gun. Professor John Gibson...

NKU brings Rocky to life

Brandon Barb

October 27, 2010

As a fan of the original 1975 film I, like every fan on campus, was happy to hear that the cult classic is coming here to Northern Kentucky University. That’s right, the Department of Theatre and Dance is putting on its second production: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The story is one that has...

Judging others target of library art exhibit

Roxanna Blevinns

October 27, 2010

Sociology professor Joan Ferrante recently organized the photo exhibition “Seeing Sociology In Our Lives: Place, Race, Gender, and Class.” The exhibit coincides with the textbook “Seeing Sociology,” which Ferrante wrote for her classes. The exhibition, located in the Eva J. Farris Reading Room...

Horror Story Contest Winner: The Souvenir

Jenna Louden

October 27, 2010

10:26. I rubbed my eyes and stood up. I’d been in the darkroom at NKU for hours. I was exhausted, but I was still working thanks to strong coffee and some extremely loud music. Suddenly, my heart stopped. To my right I noticed the long black curtain that separated the darkroom from the re...

Never the same show twice

Shawn Buckenmeyer

October 13, 2010

Are there any virgins in the house? If you have never seen “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in the cinema, then you are considered a virgin. “The Rocky Horror Picture” is a campy, fun slice of cinema. Brad and Janet have just gotten engaged and are off to see their mentor Dr. Scott when the...

“Attachments” are “Mighty Sexy”

Shawn Buckenmeyer

October 6, 2010

Northern Kentucky University allows audiences to see two artistic visions with the opening of two art shows: “Awfully Mighty Sexy,” a retrospective of Donald Henry, and “Attachments: New Work” by Rondle West. “Awfully Mighty Sexy” shows a large amount of artwork created by Henry during his...

Loot: a review

Shawn Buckenmeyer

September 29, 2010

As the audience takes their seats, their attention is directed to the stage where they are greeted with an image of death — a coffin splashed in red lighting and surrounded with plastic flowers. As the play begins, the audience watches a nurse drag a giant black shroud that covers most of the set off...

Loot:The Students’ Take

Roxanna Blevins

September 22, 2010

A committee in NKU’s Theater Department made a decision in March that would affect the lives of theater students at NKU. The committee chose the plays that would be performed at NKU for the 2010/2011 season. “They try to choose plays that challenge students in new ways,” said Loot Director Mar...

Loot: The Director’s Cut

Shawn Buckenmeyer

September 22, 2010

Lock your money away and keep an eye on your wallets. The Northern Kentucky University Department of Theatre and Dance opens its theater season with “Loot,” a play about two young thieves facing a crisis involving a police inspector, a coffin, a body, a questionable nurse and loot. “Loot”...

More than pretty pictures

Shawn Buckenmeyer

September 1, 2010

During a time when the virtual world, computers and the Internet are on every one’s minds, it is nice to return to something a little more physical and tactile such as collage. Collage involves assembling various objects and forms to create a new piece, and NKU has tapped into that vein with the new...

Noise Pollution in stereo

Jeremy Jackson

April 14, 2010

In a small room that manages to beat out the size of a closet by just a few feet, LPs adhere to the walls as decorative relics — a throwback to the heyday of turntables and a musical inception that transformed the world. Trendy concert leaflets hang close by to reinforce the rock “vibe” the studio...

Will play music for money

Jeremy Jackson

April 8, 2010

The Northern Kentucky University Jazz Ensemble participates in a variety of on-campus performances every semester. But, for the past three years, the band has kept its instruments tuned and rhythm section at the ready in order to headline its local Blues Festival each spring. The festival, which showcases...

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