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El Duderino or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Abiding

Robert Huelsman, Video Editor

February 25, 2014

Way out west, they made this film about a fella that I wanna tell ya about. A fella by the name of Jeff Lebowski. At least that was the name his parents gave him. It takes place back in the early 90s during the conflict with Sad'm and the I-raqis. Sometimes there's a hero, well not a hero, The Dude is m...

Picking up the Pieces: “The Lego Movie”

Robert Huelsman, Video Editor

February 13, 2014

Movies are a social experience. As a society, it is rare that we watch movies alone. They have become a gathering place for everyone at some point as we seek to entertain ourselves for an hour and half at a time. Our opinions of films are often shaped before we enter the theater as we hear about critics an...

“Lone Survivor”: “Saving Private Ryan” for the Call of Duty Generation?

Robert Huelsman, Video Editor

January 29, 2014

I tend to avoid reading reviews of movies I have not seen. I prefer to read what others have to say after I have my own opinion. However, sometimes the hype for a movie is inescapable, as is the case with Lone Survivor. I've heard from several people that it's the next “Saving Private Ryan”. Wh...

“Her” Prioritizing between video games and internet porn

Robert Huelsman, Video Editor

January 22, 2014

I like Michael Bay movies. Right about now you are asking what that has to do with “Her.” You are correct in thinking it means absolutely nothing, except that if you take exception to this review, just remember I like Michael Bay movies and my opinion really means nothing. “Her” is not a dystopian type of mo...

First day of classes ends with “The Great Gatsby” showing

Freshmen (From Left) Katelyn Nelson and Liz Schmidt attend the showing of

Abigail Hull, Contributing Writer

August 20, 2013

Last night was the Movie on the Lawn event put on by the Activities Programming Board here at NKU. APB showed "The Great Gatsby," much different than the superhero themes of previous years with "The Avengers," "Thor" and "Iron Man 2." Ryan Krebiehl, executive director of APB, said that Movie on the...

New Disney movie questions fate, strength to fight

Roxanna Blevins, Contributing writer

February 15, 2012

Imagine a world where a fishing hook is as big as a grappling hook, a straight pin is the size of a sword and a sugar cube is as big as your head. This is how the world is for Arrietty, the teenage girl from whom the film “The Secret World of Arrietty” borrows its name. “The Secret World of...

Thompson returns to film in ‘The Rum Diary’

Anna Kathman

November 2, 2011

The film adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s “The Rum Diary” was released Friday after being shelved for almost two years. The book, written in the early 1960s but published in 1998, is based on Thompson’s early years as a writer. Thompson, a flamboyant journalist and novelist, changed the face...

Harry Potter finale signals end of an era

Brandon Barb

August 3, 2011

Taking summer classes and having a summer job have made me a little late to this party, but only by a few weeks or so. Better late than never right? With the release of the final Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, a small part of my childhood is over. I, like so many o...

Hop past ‘Hop’ at theaters

Chuck Heffner

April 5, 2011

At least the children in the theater found it funny. However, Universal Picture’s “Hop,” a combined live-action and animation movie, will probably be considered unbearable by anyone past the age of nine. “Hop”’s premise is that the next heir in line to be the Easter Bunny, “E.B.,” (vo...

Katrina victim documents recovery efforts

Jill Liebisch

March 30, 2011

When Kelsey Robinson was a sophomore in high school, her seemingly normal life was forced in an unexpected direction. One day she was going to school, and the next, she was being evacuated to Atlanta along with the rest of her family. One of the most destructive hurricanes in U.S. history was hea...

Tournées French Film Festival strikes back

Derick Bischoff

March 23, 2011

Bonjour, cinephiles! Five French films released within the past few years will be making their debut in the Cincinnati area during the second annual Tournées Festival of New French Films on the Northern Kentucky University campus over the next month. The Tournées Festival will screen five fil...

Insanity of Shutter proves genius

Kyle Sebree

March 3, 2011

There was once a time in Hollywood when the title credits would roll and the combination of a Paramount Pictures logo and the gloomy sound of a horn section meant one thing: an Alfred Hitchcock feature with Bernard Herrmann at the helm of film score duties. Like Hitchcock before him, Martin Scorsese...

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