NKU welcomes comedian Al Jackson

In the grind of midterms, the Activity Programing Board looked to bring a little relief to students by hosting comedian Al Jackson in the Student Union Multipurpose room on Oct. 14.

The room filled with laughter as he featured his half hour special that ran on Comedy Central as well as an hour long special available on Netflix.

“Oh my God, he was hilarious,” Mackenzie Gregory, a sophomore and APB director of entertainment said.

Though the crowd was small, Jackson delivered his jokes with rapid fire igniting the small group in laughter. The comedian executed one joke after another barely leaving any room for pause.

“I know he’s a famous comedian. I think he really did a good job of working with a small crowd,” Blake Tharp, sophomore said. “All of his jokes were funny. He did a good job of interacting with the audience.”

Those who were involved in organizing the show agree that the event was a success, even without a full house. Regardless of the small crowd present for the show, students seemed to overall enjoy the show.

“It was a small crowd, but at least the crowd that was here was engaging and interacting with him,” Matalia Weekly, senior and APB executive director, said.

“Tonight was great. It was a great laugh,” Tharp added. “He kinda joked with the crowd. He kept it very open ended. It was almost like we were having a conversation, which I appreciated.”

Although both Weekly and Gregory described the reasoning behind the comedy show being held the day of NKU students returned from fall break as a way to ease them back into school and provide them with some entertainment, there is a much greater purpose for the APB team to put on these events.

“There is the aspect of learning outside the classroom,” Weekly said. “Our mission is to get students engaged outside ofthe classroom.”

“You’re paying so much for school anyway,” Gregory said. “I think you should have the opportunity to have entertainment on campus.”

According to Weekly, these events are more than just being about having a fun evening and relaxing. Students can learn something from going to the events held on campus.

“I think him going from a background of being a teacher to being a comedian is really interesting and really engaging, and it shows that you don’t have, like, one path in life,” Weekly said.

These events are as much of a learning experience for the students as they are a form of entertainment and a way to wind down and enjoy themselves after classes.

“I’d definitely come out to more of these event,” Tharp said. “I’m going to tryandgo to a Iot of them. I know they work really hard to put these together.”

“Just come check out our events,” Weekly said. “They’re always happening and they’re always free.”