Mission IMPROVable complete


Forrest Wills

Improv member Agent Trail-mix to mad-lib. Mission IMPROVable took place in the Student Union Ballroom for the first time.

Four men, also known as Agent Sugarbear, Agent Aerospace, Agent X, and Agent Trail-Mix, entered the Mission IMPROVable sporting their sunglasses and black ties with intentions of entertaining the audience with their instantaneous comedy.

A few of their missions, or acts rather, included “Omelet” the unknown Shakespearian play, “How I like my men (and women),” and “All My Farrets” the fake soap opera.

Asyia Shelton, a freshman business major, enjoyed one artistic mission in particular, that exposed the imaginative vision of Agent Aerospace in a bikini and another that lead Agent X to realize he gave his pretend daughter edible underwear.

“My favorite part was when he said, ‘I can’t give that to my daughter’; that had me dead,” laughed Shelton.

Sophomore Troy Cornes, a major in secondary English education, volunteered to help the agents by acting as Captain Rock and Captain Scissors in an rock-paper-scissors match.

“My favorite part was getting to volunteer because I’ve never been picked to do anything like that, “ Cornes said. “It [was shocking] to see how quick it was for it to come to their heads,” he laughed. “I don’t know a lot of people that can do that without practicing at all.”

Agent X, otherwise known as James Heaney, explains that what they do is never practiced and is in fact, off the top of their heads.

“It’s a lifetime of skills that constantly gets better, so it’s not like we have been working on this show for three months to a year,” Heaney said. “It’s something where you are never finished training, you are constantly getting better.”

Shelton believes that the improv skills provided by the team can benefit NKU students in multiple ways.

“You know, when people come together and they see something like this; three people working together to try to understand and communicate with each other [benefits NKU],” said Shelton. “If they can do it, so can we.”

And not only do the students reap the benefits, but Cornes claims he sees how the university as a whole can be enriched.

“I think it [the improv] benefits NKU because they do this all across the entire nation and the fact that NKU got them here means we are taking a step forward,” Cornes said. “We are getting our name out there.”

Mike Kleeney, also named as Agent Trail-Mix, knows that most of their ability comes from the friendship that the four guys have together.

“We have the best job in the world,” Keeney said. “We get to go to new places [and] meet new people everyday. It also helps that we are best friends. We hang out in the van, go from place to place, we drive there, and we hang out for hours and hours; we just know each other really well, so it’s fun for us to just be up on stage and hang out together.”