YouTube phenom visits NKU

YouTube phenomenon Judson Laipply, known for the early YouTube favorite “Evolution of Dance,” made his Victorfest debut on Aug. 22 as part of his Evolution of Dance tour.

At the height of its popularity, “Evolution of Dance” was the most viewed video in YouTube’s history. Now a comedian and motivational speaker, Laipply tours college campuses worldwide on a platform built atop his viral hit which has been seen over 276 million times in eight years.

“It’s always weird because I’m the Youtube one-hit wonder,” said Laipply, about being called a YouTube sensation.

Laipply started researching how to mix music on his computer, and began learning how to dance in 2001. Laipply was inspired to mix music and use it as a learning tool from his recreation management professor, David Coleman.

Laipply recalled Coleman saying, “most people don’t remember the majority of what you do, but if you have a bit you’re known for, people will remember you.”

Laipply has a Master’s in education which inspired him to use “Evolution of Dance” as a learning tool. Laipply claims his learning games and performances hone leadership development.

In his act, Laipply divides life into three steps for students: letting go, the power of choice, and motivation.

“There’s some things in life we can’t do anything about. Life is change,” said Laipply about letting it go.

Laipply said change is the power of choice, adding that “we live in a comparative society where individuals and governments are not held accountable.”

Laipply asserted that motivation is as essential to a person as basic hygiene.

“Motivation is like showering. You can go a day or two without it, but eventually someone’s gonna notice.”

Laipply finished the event with his famous “Evolution of Dance” routine.