Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity wins the 2nd Annual Homecoming Step Show

Brittany Smart, Contributing Writer

NKU’s Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity took the gold last Friday night at the 2nd Annual Homecoming Step Show held in The Bank of Kentucky Center.

The show was hosted by African American Programs and Services and the Homecoming Planning Committee who began the tradition last year.

Friday night, the Withrow Dynasty Dance Team kick-started the competition when they danced to modern hip-hop beats and donned leopard print costumes.

Next up was Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity whose dance resembled the movie “Toy Story.”

Before their routine began, each dancer was placed into cardboard containers that had the words “Alpha Figure” painted on the fronts and were made to look like toy boxes.

When the music started, the “Alpha Figures” came alive and began dancing but quickly retreated whenever their “owner” came on stage.

In the end, all of the “toys” were turned human by a magician and the next act to come on stage was comprised of the members of Kappa Alpha Psi, the first place winners.

Their routine’s setting was a graveyard which included a handcrafted tree and a fog machine.

The beginning of the dance showed all of the Kappa’s “rising from the grave” as they followed the dictations of the grim reaper who later reveals himself to be the dead musician, Jimi Hendrix.

“Dance, puppets!” commanded the Kappa who played the Jimi Hendrix’s “ghost.”

After that, the zombies complied, eliciting cheers from the audience at the group’s synchronized choreography.

Following their performance, there was a brief intermission and then the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi took the stage.

As the winners of the first annual NKU Stompapalooza in November of 2013, this organization had high expectations.

Starting with an eerie video of a space alien invasion, their dance routine consisted of army combat-like movements and green camouflage apparel and makeup.

After their exit, there was a stroll off competition where nearly all of the organizations in the audience participated in making the best 30-second dance off on stage they could.

“I thought [step show] was awesome. I love seeing NKU do things that other universities do on the regular,” said Jalan Nored, a sophomore sports business major. “Like I said before, these are normal student body events that other universities have the option to attend and I feel like we don’t have many options outside athletics for students to engage as a whole.”

Two more groups performed that night after the stroll off which included the men of the University of Kentucky’s Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, who took second place in the competition, and the ladies of UK’s Zeta Phi Beta Sorority.

“The men’s step team from UK was my favorite,” Nored said. “They were crisp and clean with their routine and had a well thought out presentation of their routine. Very comical.”