Homecoming gala showcases NKU glamor

Filled with red carpet walks, velvet ropes and paparazzi, the 2014 Homecoming Gala was a night to remember as NKU students, faculty and honored guests gathered at The Madison in Covington Wednesday night.

This year’s homecoming theme is “Lights, Camera, Norse Up,” according to Homecoming Chair Matt Werner and this event exemplified that theme.

“We wanted to reflect on the idea of how NKU is in the spotlight,” Werner said.

Werner said with the university competing on a regional and national level, “We’ve been growing since day one when the flame of fame was lit for NKU.”

“We believe that NKU will stay in the spotlight and will continue to walk the red carpet of student success for years to come,” Werner said.

Winners Circle So Far…

Several events have taken place across campus this homecoming week already and several of the winners were announced at the Gala. Winning organizations are as follows:

Nearly Naked Run

Black Division Men – Presidential Ambassadors

Black Division Women – Presidential Ambassadors

Gold Division Men – Alpha Tau Omega

Gold Division Women – Phi Sigma Sigma

White Division Men – Pi Kappa Alpha

White Division Women – Kappa Delta


Black Division – Presidential Ambassadors

Gold Division – Alpha Omicron Pi

White Division – Delta Gamma

Window Painting Competition

Black Division – Student Alumni Association

Gold Division – Alpha Omicron Pi

White Division – Delta Gamma

Crowning Glory

The 2014 Duke and Duchess were announced along with the court at the Gala. The title of Duke was given to Andrew Blake and Duchess given to Caitlyn Thiel.

Announced at the Stetson game Thursday night were the Prince and Princess Nathan Garbig earned the title of prince along with Natalia Weekly as princess.

Homecoming King and Queen will be announced Saturday at the Florida Gulf Coast game.

2014 King and Queen Court:

Arturo Minera

Brenna Bartlett

Christopher Walters

Chanell Karr

David Trump

Diana Barrett

Matthew Hicks

Evelyn Lear

Terrence McCraney

Nikole Barkalow