NKU’s most expensive production opens this weekend

The directors and crews eagerly awaited the start of the last official dress rehearsal. There were electrically charged chatters and giggles coursing through the Corbett Theatre as showtime approached at 8 p.m. sharp.

“Legally Blonde,” the most expensive NKU production this year runs Feb. 21-Mar. 3.  After about two months of preparation, the cast and crew is finally ready unveil their hard work for the NKU community.

The musical starts out with a screechy reminder to put your tweeting and status updating devices to rest so one can enjoy the show without feeling the urge to scroll through pictures of their friends’ dinner plate selections and collection of “cute” cats.

The musical follows the adventures and determinations of Elle Woods, a West Coast native who follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard to prove that she’s not just a pretty face. Through her time at Harvard, Elle finds out more about herself and future than she could have ever imagined.

One can expect perfectly synchronized dance numbers, shirtless men displaying questionable hip movements and eye-catching sparkly, pink outfits. The smooth transition from one scene to the next makes this musical extremely easy to follow and it never loses the audience’s attention.

The dry humor and cheesy lines can invoke laughter from any variance of audience members.

While Elle and her fellow Delta Nu sisters have more than their fair share of exclamations, Elle’s countless costume changes call for an “Oh my God!” from all chic fashionistas in the audience looking for tips on how to channel their true attention-seeking goddess.

There’s something about Elle’s rambunctious outspoken hairdresser Paulette, that makes one want to find some tacky outfits and fill them out with some major attitude.

Warner, Elle’s dreamy ex-boyfriend, makes it hard to hate him with his talented way of singing his rejections.

In the same way, one can easily find themselves forgetting about Warner’s perfected charm by feasting their eyes on the not so obviously handsome, Emett, Elle’s partner in crime while she’s at Harvard.

Maybe it’s his trademarked disheveled look, or his natural do-gooder instinct that gives him the ability to send female audience members swooning for a guy like him. After all, every girl wants a guy who tells her she’s always right.

If you’re more of a pet-lover, it’ll be easy to find oneself seeking after the two adorable dogs that make appearances throughout the production. One of which’s fetch abilities, surely surpass that of the average dog.

Elle’s success can bring on the happy tears for anyone who once felt they were doubted in accomplishing their dreams and goals.

The celebration that comes along with her accomplishments make me want to go take an LSAT exam and enroll in Harvard myself. However, only if I get to wear a totally pink bedazzled outfit and get lifted into the air too. I think I’ll wear a pair of my comfy yoga pants with that one piece though, if no one minds.

This musical boasts all social stereotypes, races, personality and style types, perfect for the diversity of NKU’s community.

The goofy and sometimes downright ridiculous train of thought reflected by Elle has the ability to reach the humor of smaller children as well, making it a great night out for any and all families.

To see all the sparkles and hear the catchy tunes, visit the fine arts box office and get your tickets; $8 for students (with ID) and $14 for adults.