Spring colonization of NKU’s new Greek chapter wrapping up

With the addition of Alpha Omicron Pi to Greek life at NKU this month, the rush of young women to form lifelong bonds has begun.

Kristen Phelps, one of the educational leadership and resident consultants for AOII, believes that charity, philanthropy, and encouragement are the largest focal points of this fraternity. “When I hear ‘women enriched in lifelong friendships,’ I am reminded that the friendships our new members develop within AOII will extend far beyond the college years. These friendships will offer encouragement and stay with them for a lifetime.”

A life being changed for the better also means giving back to the community, something that newcomers to AOII will find themselves very active with. Young women will have the opportunity to develop and lead their own philanthropy projects on a smaller scale while also contributing to the major annual event, Strike Out Arthritis.

Other philanthropy projects AOII members are involved with include Cardiac Awareness, March of Dimes, Habitat for Humanity, and Child Abuse Prevention and Support. Members have the opportunity to gain leadership experience through participation in fundraising events for these organizations, as well as the AOII Leadership Academy and the International Convention. Leadership experience with organizations on campus as Panhellenic officers, SGA, and athletics has also been a trend with AOII members.

“Charity is the heart of AOII, so the community can expect to see AOII involved in many philanthropy events and community service,” Phelps said. “AOII offers new members the opportunity to become leaders, not only within AOII, but also on campus and in the community. AOII will attract the women who are interested in making a legacy and beginning new traditions at NKU.”

Students are excited to see what AOII has in store for the Norse community. Junior Danielle Hӧfele, a member of Delta Zeta, thinks that the expansion of Greek life at NKU holds promise for the growth of the university as a whole.

“Having both a new sorority and new fraternity means more of NKU’s population will have a chance to experience something larger than themselves. Being a member of Delta Zeta has been absolutely life changing,” she said.

“These men and women are some of the most dedicated, caring and responsible people I know. I can’t wait to see where AOII and Theta Chi take us in the future,” Hӧfele said.

Alumni and former NKU Delta Gamma President Brittany Jo Hall believes that the addition of two new Greek chapters to campus has brought all of the Greek chapters together.

“I love the support that all chapters, sorority and fraternity alike, have given to AOII and Theta Chi. The organizations colonizing this semester have great foundations for starting their chapters and I know that the current chapters will continue to show love and support,” Hall said.

With more than 150,000 sisters worldwide, AOII is looking forward to joining the Greek community at Northern Kentucky University. Members have been actively recruiting potential members on campus for the past month now by holding tables in the Student Union and having leadership representatives available to students.

Informational sessions were held the past two weeks for those who had shown interest in AOII. Colonization for the Alpha Omicron Pi fraternity takes place February 15 through 17.