Hip-hop artist debuts CD ‘4 Lovers Only’


Musical artist I$e performed his song “I Wish U Well” at the 2012 talent show. His first CD, “4 Lovers Only,” dropped today just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Anthony Morgan, or as he prefers to be called I$e, has been working hard on promoting and growing NKU’s first on-campus record label Climb Time Ent since he founded it last fall. As president of the organization he has been busy recruiting students and helping them “keep climbing” in their musical aspirations. In between all this he still managed to find time to write and record his own solo album, “4 Lovers Only,” being released today.

I$e described the creation process as “spontaneous,” he wrote and recorded the album in just one week over winter break.

“I did it in probably like a week; the songs were just coming to me… It’s actually a great story when you look at it; everyone was gone and I was just here creating this for everyone when they got back, and now I get to give it them. ”

Although I$e explained the focus of Climb Time is on the students, this album was a completely solo effort. When asked if he was involved in the production, Vice President of Climb Time Jordan Parker replied, “No. I wish, but all credit goes to I$e.”

The Valentine’s Day release is fitting for the CD which, as the title suggests, features songs about love.

“It’s a love story. It goes from break-up to make-up to deep love. It’s just a journey of love, and that’s why it’s called ‘4 Lovers Only,’ it’s for people who have that special place in their heart.”

When asked to describe the sound of the CD I$e explained, “It’d be classified as hip-hip but as far as sounding like hip-hop that’s out now it definitely doesn’t. I call it more like the resurrection of hip-hop.”

While the CD is mainly filled with hip-hop and R&B styles, I$e mentioned that many different styles come together to make a more unique sound than what one typically hears today.

Parker, who has heard the tracks already, is excited for the release. “Yeah I got it on my laptop,” he said. “I’m a big fan personally. The message that it presents- it’s quality, good music. It’s something you might not generally hear on the radio for our generation… but it’s a message for us, what defines us as a generation?”

Manager of Climb Time Keylay was in charge of “mixing and mastering” the tracks for the abum.

“Oh my gosh,” Keylay said expressing his enthusiam for the CD. “I don’t even call it rap music, this is life music, real music.”

“4 Lovers Only” drops today, I$e said it can be found on reverbnation.com/climbtimeent. He hopes to have the album available on iTunes and Spotify as well.

To celebrate Climb Time’s first album, they will be hosting a release party tonight in the Student Union Ballroom. The party starts at 7 p.m. and features live performances from I$e and other students, as he explained, “displaying different NKU talents.” The CD will be available for purchase there as well.

His first CD came about spontaneously, and right now I$e said he does not have any plans for another album anytime soon. He wants to focus more on the organization.

“It [Climb Time] is not about me, it’s about the students. I started it to help other students, not to be the main artist,” I$e said. “The plan is to push this CD, and then focus on a fundraiser we have coming up.”

Climb Time Ent will be releasing their second CD in March; a mix tape entitled “Homework Music.” It will feature all different styles from different artists in the organization; some more relaxed songs and others that are more upbeat and playful.

Members of Climb Time will be selling tickets to the release party from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today in the Student Union lobby for $5.