Artists ‘Surge’ through gallery


Photos by Aly Durrett

Step right up! The annual Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibitions are in town. “Surge,” the first of two exhibitions, which focuses on the art of graphic design, opened Nov. 10. The exhibition features the capstone projects of 12 senior graphic design majors, two in one Third Floor Gallery of the Fine Arts Center and 10 in the other.

The capstone project is a process that spans the semester. During this time, students must devise and propose a concept for their projects. Then, over the course of the semester, they must research, design, execute and refine their projects. Because they are self-driven, the projects reflect the students’ interests, according to graphic design assistant professor Hans Schellhas.

“The challenge is to come up with a sizable project and do it in a short amount of time,” Schellhas said. “That’s a really big learning experience.”
Senior graphic design major Sarah Hazard’s piece is located in the larger of the two galleries. Her piece, “The Sixth Sense Circus,” evokes a circus-like air with its three red-and-white-striped walls, setting it apart from the rest of the projects on display. Posters featuring grotesque characters line the interior of the walls. Each poster represents a card from a deck of fortune-telling cards designed by Hazard.

“I love bringing a handmade feeling into my work, because viewing design solely created by a computer can become monotonous,” Hazard said in her artist’s statement.

The artists used various media, including 3-D animation and mock Web pages, though students mostly expressed their ideas through posters.

Senior graphic design major Krystal Siemon created a series of posters for her campaign, called “Eat Me,” in an attempt to encourage men to eat healthier. Siemon’s four posters feature anthropomorphized fruits and vegetables striking poses reflective of ‘50s-style pinup models.

Siemon, who has always been interested in art and nutrition, said she chose to pursue a degree in graphic design because it is a practical way to express herself and to impact others.

“Anything you do in graphic design is going to be seen by someone,” Siemon said.

Senior graphic design major Allison Wegman’s posters are proof of Siemon’s comment. Wegman designed the “Antidote” posters as part of a brand identity she created for NKU German professor Andrea Fieler’s company of the same name. The company hosts events for health-related causes and nonprofit organizations. Wegman’s breast cancer awareness poster, which features the image of a roller girl, will be on display at Mainstay Rock Bar in Cincinnati after “Surge” concludes.

The exhibition will be on display from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday now through Nov. 18. The artists will have an opportunity to celebrate and discuss their projects at a reception Nov. 17. The free reception begins at 5 p.m. and is open to the public.