Magazine expresses NKU’s artistic side

If you’re looking for talent on campus, look no further than “NKU Expressed.”

Published since the early 1990s, “NKU Expressed” is the only annual on-campus literary magazine run entirely by NKU undergraduate students that “features undergraduate writers of both poetry and prose as well as the works of students in the fields of art and photography,” according to its website.

“I got started with ‘NKU Expressed’ last year as the poetry editor and was asked to continue as the editor of the magazine,” said “NKU Expressed” editor Erin Wynn. “I volunteered because I’m passionate about literature and about getting people the opportunity to get published. I was published as a sophomore and I’ll never forget that feeling. It’s exhilarating.”

“NKU Expressed” has been successful primarily because they are a gateway for publishing NKU’s leading student writers and artists.

“Students at NKU have so much talent and work so hard to reveal their talents through whatever process they choose,” Wynn said.

One of the magazine’s “goals is to give students a channel to be recognized by the community for their unique art and an opportunity to be accepted or rejected during the screening process.”
Alex Duval, senior English major, agreed.

“I wanted to get into some kind of publishing. I thought, well, these are some things I’ve done and I know the people that edit [‘NKU Expressed’] want to see a wide variety of other poems,” Duval said. “At least if something catches their eye then I can know what kind of direction I’m going in and be proud of it,” he said.

Wynn elaborated.

“‘NKU Expressed’ has come a long way. This year alone we got about a hundred submissions of poetry, prose and art,” she said.

With the newest issue coming out in September, Wynn hopes “that the audience, the NKU students, faculty, and the community, are able to see that NKU houses a lot of talent. We are home to some amazing poets, prose writers and artists of various kinds.”

The current edition was created by editor Erin Wynn, assistant editor Cheyenne Hamberg, poetry editor Jennifer Fischer-Davis, and fiction editor Patrick Delaney.

“I couldn’t have done this without my staff,” Wynn said. “They are an amazing group of individuals.”

Wynn continued by saying, “We want to create a sense of pride in NKU. We are their literary magazine. We’re here for them, by them and we hope that they are just as proud of it as we are.”
“NKU Expressed” has a Facebook page and can be reached by email at They are accepting applications for next year’s staff, as well as submissions for the next issue in 2012.
Story by Chuck Heffner