NKU acknowledged for commitment to inclusion, support of LGBTQ community


Benson Kua

Gender Spectrum Group Therapy sessions by the Office of Counseling Services started on Feb. 12.

Awarded with 4.5 star rating on the Campus Pride Index, a national tool that asses campus LGBTQ programs and services, NKU moves to the top rated campus in the Greater Cincinnati region and second-highest in Kentucky for the support and outreach to the LGBTQ community and commitment to inclusion.

After a three-star rating in 2013 on the Campus Pride Index, the Office of LGBTQ Programs was established. Soon to follow, Fuel the Flame, a university initiative to increase diversity, expand educational experiences internationally, and increase student enrollment.

“Our campus is a place where all students are not only welcomed but are given the support and tools they need to succeed,” Dr. Dan Nadler, vice president of Student Affairs said in a press release. “We are proud that those efforts have been recognized on the national level.”

NKU has also made concerted efforts and offered gender inclusive housing and bathrooms, developed the growth within LGBTQ programs and services, and encouraged students to use their preferred identity unless legal name is required.

“I have complete confidence that by our office’s fifth anniversary in fall 2018, we will have achieved a five-star rating, making NKU one of the most LGBTQ inclusive campuses in the nation,” Bonnie Meyer, director of the Office of LGBTQ Programs and Services, said in a press release.