Jodie Sweetin from “Full House” to come to NKU


Jodie Sweetin spoke on campus Tuesday night and shared her story of addiction.

A former child actor will be coming to Northern Kentucky University to share her personal stories of overcoming drug abuse.

The Activities Programming Board is hosting Jodie Sweetin, better known as Stephanie from “Full House” at 7 p.m. Tuesday in Greaves Hall.

Victoria Hafele, executive director of APB and senior economics major,  stated that their speaker committee arranged for Sweetin to come to campus to tell her story with drug abuse and her journey to recovery.

“We got together during the summer during our retreat and the speaker committee came up with the idea of Jodie Sweetin coming to campus,” Hafele said. “We reached out to the agency and we went back and forth seeing if she was available and that’s how we got her.”

Jodie Sweetin has decided to use NKU as another way to reach people.

“Jodie will be coming in and talking about her previous struggle with being an alcoholic, struggling with drug addiction, her journey and how she’s sober now and how she really likes who she’s become in her recovery,” Hafele said.

Hafele also stated that Sweetin coming to campus is great for students who are struggling to feel supported.

“I think a lot of college students don’t understand the repercussions,” Hafele said. “I think a lot of college students get into alcohol and some people don’t get out of that until later adulthood and they don’t realize how serious alcoholism and experimenting with drugs is.”

According to Hafele, topics like alcoholism and drug abuse are becoming taboo and no one really speaks about such issues.

“Having somebody that has such a big platform and that we can relate to … hearing about their struggles you realize that ‘this is a real person’ it kind of makes it a little bit more real that it really can affect anybody,” Hafele said.

Tickets are free for NKU students with a valid All Card and will be available to the public for $5 each. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to NKY Hates Heroin.