JSPH to take stage at MidPoint


Liz Schmidt

Joseph Nevels’ stage persona is JSPH. He will be performing Saturday night at The Drinkery.

While many are planning for life after graduating, Joseph Nevels has already accomplished much. Graduating in 2014, he has already earned a law degree, been signed to a publishing company and is now performing at a music festival.  He even has an album in the works. Nevels has kept himself busy after finishing at NKU.

With MidPoint’s 14th year in Cincinnati, the festival has become a staple of the summer music scene. This year there will be more than 100 local bands and musicians taking the stage. One of these is NKU’s own Joseph Nevels. His stage persona, JSPH, will be performing for the first time at 8:45 p.m., Sep. 26 at MidPoint.

In 2014, Nevels received his Juris Doctorate from Chase Law School and was soon after signed to the Heyday Media Group out of Los Angeles. Although he is both an artist and law student, he has always enjoyed singing from a young age.  

“It’s always just something I’ve felt on the inside of me,” Nevels said.

JSPH draws from many musical inspirations, from Prince and Boys II Men to Nevels’ personal connection with Christ.  

“I was definitely involved with [church]. I think that’s where I accredit my gift to,” Nevels said.  

Audiences will experience a new artist who mixes R&B, Gospel, Electronic, and Pop.

“I try to take something from everything I hear,” Nevels said. “I try to appreciate the artist and the artistry. I feel like you can learn something from almost everything in music.”

This eclectic mix of genres has created a local and national fan base. Recently, Nevels performed with other musicians out in L.A. for the first time, and has been featured on CincyMusic.com as a “Get to Know” artist of the week.

JSPH has two EP projects already, “Rule” and “Rest,” with a third to release soon titled “Abide.”

“It’s going to be a fun set.  We’re going to do a couple different, creative things and some cool visual stuff as well,” Nevels said.

MidPoint seeks to highlight the local talent of musicians and artists and has found a unique mix in JSPH.


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