Essentials for a day on campus

While navigating through the concrete jungle also known as NKU’s campus, nothing is more vital than a well packed backpack. Since backpacks are the hub of what college students need to stay prepared, The Northerner has compiled a list of some of the most important items to include while packing.

1. Laptop/ Tablet

Packing either a laptop or a tablet can save you a lot of room in your backpack and perhaps is the most essential tool you could bring. Need something to take notes with? Check. Need to schedule something on your calendar? Check. Need to keep yourself busy between classes? Triple check.

Chances are anything you need for your courses can be accomplished by one of these two devices. However, it is important to note that laptops and tablets aren’t permitted in every classroom, which is why this list continues.

2. 5 subject notebook

Most full-time students are taking around 15 credit hours, which is roughly five classes. Packing one notebook already divided into five sections is a really efficient way of taking notes and staying organized. Bonus: these notebooks usually come with a somewhat durable built in folder for each section.

3. Agenda

Bringing a physical agenda with you can prove to be beneficial, especially if you are the type of person that remembers things better once you have written it down. With classes, exams, projects, papers, extra curricular activities, etc., your college schedule can get really hectic really quick and having it written down can provide some much needed guidance.

Sienna Marísa Brown, junior psychology and sociology double major, explained how significant her planner has been to her in terms of keeping her organized.

“By far my most important item in my book bag is my planner,” Brown said. “It is really easy for me to forget things, but if I write down due dates for my assignments then I can avoid something disastrous like forgetting to turn something in.”

4. Chargers

Nearly everyone knows too well the pain of seeing that little red bar at the top corner of our cell phone or laptop. The only surefire way that you don’t experience such horror while on campus is to pack any chargers that you will need. While there are some charging stations throughout NKU’s campus, they aren’t always available or at a convenient distance, which is why this is one necessity you should bring.

5. Headphones

Because no one wants to hear that video that your great aunt posted on your Facebook wall.

6. Water bottle

Bringing a water bottle is a really good habit to start. It keeps you hydrated and saves you money from having to purchase water from vending machines.

7. Snacks

This one is mainly for commuters, especially without a meal plan. By bringing snacks or a packed lunch, you won’t have to spend as much money on food throughout the day.

According to Regan Bales, sophomore biochemistry major, packing snacks is her most financially effective tip.

“I wish someone had told me as a freshman how expensive it can get eating on campus when you don’t have a meal plan,” Bales said. “That’s why I always bring some sort of food with me.”

8. Pens, pencils, and highlighters

Not only are these writing utensils necessary for basically any course, but keeping them in a pencil pouch can save you the task of reaching down to the depths of your bag and playing a game of, “Is this a pen? Let’s find out.”

9. Textbooks

Before you cause yourself some serious back aches by packing all of your textbooks, check the syllabus or email your professor and ask to see if the textbook is needed during class meetings.

10. Miscellaneous items

Consider packing items like an umbrella, sunglasses, deodorant, Tylenol, tissues and a stapler. While all of these aren’t necessary, they are objects that can prove handy provided you have the extra room.

Some of these items, like tissues, have demonstrated to be very convenient to students like sophomore communications major Skyler Faulkner.

“I know it sounds silly that tissues would be a holy grail item for me, but you’re golden if you bring them because no one wants to be that kid sniffling during class,” Faulkner said.