Super Smash Bros. tournament is a huge hit

No game in the Student Union Game Room draws crowds quite like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. New characters, stages, and the inclusion of an eight-player mode make it the most accessible entry in the long-running franchise to date.

“Before the new Smash Bros. came out there would be a game of Super Smash Bros. Brawl going on probably every day at some point,” game room employee Paige Moore said. “It’s a classic series…but when Super Smash Bros. for Wii U came out it kind of erupted. When ever I go down to the Game Room now a big group is playing it and other people will pay for more time just to keep it alive!”

This isn’t Moore’s first Smash Bros. tournament she’s helmed, running several Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournaments over the last few years.“Now that I’ve been doing this a long time and I get to work with people that actually know the crowd I know where to put the flyers for best reception,” Moore said.

Naturally, the unintrusive nature of the game coupled with the community it nurtures would give rise to a tournament. The second tournament for the established fighter, the game room staff were able to organize the event in a much more efficient fashion, bringing in over 30 participants in a double-elimination tournament, where if someone lost, they were placed in another bracket and have a second chance at winning it all.

“It was set up really well,” combatant and first-place winner Josh Mason said. “Paige always did do a good job in these tourneys and with help, it ran a lot smoother. I wish most tourneys were ran that well to be honest.”

People were encouraged to bring their own Wii U setups in order to speed the tournament along. With four different systems, more people could keep up with their matches at a better pace, and allowed for the double-elimination ruleset.

The tournament still manage to rage on well into the evening. The final two combatants were known friends and played each other often, so it was interesting to see two people fight who know each other so well. “I have to give it to Trent. We’ve been playing games against each other for so long, that no matter the game, we know each others play styles by heart,” Mason said.

“I would definitely return for another tournament,” second place player Trent Wilson said. “[And] I like how the tournament was set up. I always enjoy [three lives] and eight minute rules, and allowing people to bring in their own Wii Us is always a good thing.

The future of Super Smash Bros. in the game room tournament scene is far from over. “I would really like a team tournament,” Moore said. It depends on how much other people want it. We may have a few people who think teams would be great but those few people may [only] create five different teams.”