Funds from Rocky Horror Show to Benefit the Center Stage Players’ 307 Series Projects

“I nearly passed out,” Center Stage Players treasurer, Jennifer Rhodenhiser said after she found out the amount of money raised after the Rocky Horror Picture Show fundraising event.

Rhodenhiser was surprised to find that one event raised more than $1,000 when their fundraisers usually make around $20.

Sophomore theater major, Zach Robinson came up with the idea to host the Rocky Horror Picture Show event and donate all the funds to Center Stage Players which mostly funds the 307 Series projects in the Fine Arts Building.

“Zach was incredibly generous,” senior playwriting major and Center Stage Players president, Robert Macke said.

Robinson mentioned that his main goal was to help out the organization and fellow theater students.

Macke is glad to have the amount of money, but still stressed the importance of being frugal with the budget.

“We want to be able to keep some of this money… Keep saving. All right, yes, we have a nice stockpile so in case we want to splurge and someone wants to do a really phenomenal show in 307 then it’s like, yeah we can drop a little bit more,” Macke said. “A good amount of the money gets spent to go help these 307 shows.”

Studio 307 are a series of projects done by theater students. Some of the shows are senior projects while others are simply projects put on by students. According to Rhodenhiser, student directors can only direct if they have taken a directing class which isn’t usually until their sophomore year so most directors for it are juniors or seniors. It’s an open activity, but requires a formal application process since there are only six shows in a year.

“It benefits student activities like… Studio 307 for students to direct, write, act plays. That’s all students. Student, student, student stuff. Student work, student projects,” Macke said.

The money will benefit students such as senior BFA acting major, Victoria Hawley who directed a 307 project last semester called “The Heidi Chronicles.”

“We try to give each student as equal enough an opportunity as possible with every show that is produced in 307 so if we have a larger amount of money that we can plan for the future, it’ll make it easier to do that,” Hawley said.

Center Stage Players operates through donations such as the “Kisses for the Cast” where people can buy Hershey Kisses to give to the cast and cabarets. Every event through Center Stage Players is free including the Studio 307 projects.

The total amount raised was $1,187 and according to Macke should hopefully hold them for the next year.

“On no part of ours did we say, ‘Hey, let’s do Rocky.’ It was all Zach and it was all his kindness,” Macke said. “No one really pushed him to go do it and we’re incredibly grateful that he did that and we hope he does it again or something similar to that.”