MTV’s “Girl Code” star visits Student Union


Photo by Lizzie Kibler

Students at NKU had the opportunity for a meet and greet with Jamie Lee of MTV’s “Girl Code.” Lee performed a stand-up routine at NKU on Feb. 11, 2015.

A sea of women and some men stood outside the Student Union Ballroom on Wednesday, Feb. 11 waiting to see one of the stars from MTV’s “Girl Code,” Jamie Lee.

After Activities Programming Board’s (APB) Director of Speaker Events, Hattie Clark introduced the star, Lee came on to begin her stand up routine.

Around 300 people stared back at her as Lee commented on how she could see everyone in the crowd.

“A lot of people were saying they wanted someone from ‘Girl Code,’” Clark said. “This was the biggest entertainment event of the semester. I am satisfied with the turnout.”

Most of Lee’s routine consisted of personal stories and events in her life including sexual encounters and relationship advice.

Lee told the story of her own moments at bars and how there is always that one creepy guy who is a lot older than everyone else.

“And he says, ‘Hey, young lady, what’s your sign?'” Lee said. “Uh, yield!”

Finishing her stand up section, Lee began a game called #dontjudgeme. During the game, five audience members were called to the stage to take part in the game where they told TMI or “too much information” stories.

The five women shared their personal stories and the area became a no judgment zone. The audience applauded after each story was shared.

According to Lee, the winner of the best TMI story would receive a handwritten note from a Hampton Inn notepad.

Following the game, another no judgment event began with a Q&A session. Students lined up to ask personal questions.

“Very interesting, very entertaining,” Arden McBride, freshman informatics major, said. “It was like a judgment-free zone.”

Some of the questions also involved ones for Lee, herself including her favorite topic to discuss.

“Wine,” Lee said. “Oh, I could go on forever… the adult grape juice.”

During the session, two people from the audience went up for autographs.

Lee was booked here at NKU while she travels around the country performing at other colleges and comedy clubs. She mentioned that she wanted to eventually perform at the Funny Bone in Newport.

Lee noted that traveling could be a nightmare.

“But when you get to do this, who cares?” Lee said.

Most of her routine are jokes and stories from her personal life while on “Girl Code” it’s usually unscripted conversations about girl topics.

Lee found herself on “Girl Code” after thinking it was just going to be online instead of television. She was surprised to find it was on MTV 1 when even “Guy Code,” the show that “Girl Code” came from, wasn’t on there.

Lee thought it was comfortable to just talk on the show about whatever topic they were given. She mentioned how she didn’t really care as much what people thought.

“I’d gone to a place where I stopped apologizing for who I am,” Lee said.