Break for pancakes

Cinnamon or original? Butter, chocolate chips, extra syrup? Coffee, water, hot chocolate? The choices literally pile on to students’ plates in the Baptist Student Center as individuals take a break from the cold and studying to get their share of free pancakes.

Held every semester during finals week as a way to give students a break from the final push, the Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) host a campus wide event inviting all students to come play games, listen to live music and eat hot and ready pancakes.

“I saw the fliers they passed out in the library,” Francesca Clayton,  freshman, pre-nursing major, said.

Fliers were passed out all over the library every night reminding students of the time and place of the event. Held 9 p.m. to midnight on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the event last semester served over 3,000 pancakes and that record may get left in the dust in this semester’s finals week.

“We are going to need more batter,” Ethan Wright, BCM president and senior biology major, said.

Local churches and the cooperative program donate the resources to make the event possible every semester. Many students involved with BCM also donate their time away to help serve and prepare the thousands of pancakes.

“It takes about five to six hours with set up and clean up,” Wright said of the time commitment involved in the event.

Backpacks and coats scattered everywhere, students are able to relax around the numerous round tables throughout the room or have some fun and play ping-pong or pool. The piano at the back of the room never fell silent as students took turns sharing songs and singing together.

“It’s very welcoming and friendly,” Kaila Lawrence, undeclared freshman, said. “Everyone is having a good time.”
The event will be held again during finals week of Spring Semester 2015.