Scholarship pageant makes history


November will bring the first Miss Krimson and Kreme scholarship pageant to NKU. The PiPi chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated will be preparing for its fall Miss Krimson and Kreme pageant, which has an unusual twist.

Most pageants have an introductory category followed by swimsuit, evening gown and final question rounds.

However, PiPi has other plans for the Miss Krimson and Kreme pageant.

The chapter wants to defy tradition by adding a creative vision to the pageant, which they hope will attract more attention from the student body.  

The Miss Krimson and Kreme pageant will have four categories: introduction, freestyle of creativity, talent, and business interview. Prior to the event, contestants will also complete community service.

The community service section PiPi added in is important for adding points to one’s overall score. “Failure to participate in the community service will be a forfeiture of the points for this section,” junior PiPi member Lashawn Gilliam said.

“Community service is important because this entire pageant is about giving back to the community,” Gilliam said. “Yes, it does have our name on it, but this is about letting the girls get their brand out there for the future.”

Miss Krimson and Kreme contestants must also show their creative skills through shopping.

Each contestant will receive the same amount of shopping money for the freestyle round, which they will use to buy an outfit for themselves. The amount for the round hasn’t been revealed yet to the public.

Because the PiPi chapter was chartered in 1997, each young woman will have to create a 90s themed outfit and model it on stage.

“I’m very excited about the Miss Krimson & Kreme pageant especially because this will be our very first one. I can’t wait for the results, and to crown our first Miss Krimson and Kreme,” Terrance Simpson, senior and member of PiPi, said.

The chapter held interviews for potential contestants Sept. 17 and 18. The final ten participants will be announced after PiPi deliberates on how to introduce the ladies to the student body.

The Miss Krimson and Kreme Pageant is one that hopes to empower women, create new friendships amongst college women, and bring confidence to all of its contestants.

A monetary scholarship is awarded to the winner, but the scholarship amount has not yet been announced released.

Miss Krimson and Kreme contestants must be full-time students at NKU, have a minimum 2.5 GPA and be involved on campus.

An Instagram game was pushed out to the student body to help promote the pageant. The top three ladies who receive the most likes from posting the informational flyer will receive free tickets to the event.

PiPi is currently tallying likes on social media, and the winners will enter the contest for free when the pageant begins.

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