Staying stress free during finals week

Staying stress free during finals week is easier said than done but with a little stress management ideas this can be obtainable.

The student health and wellness center at NKU recommends five tips to help students get through finals week stress free. It is important to plan your schedule. Spend a few minutes writing down everything that needs to be done.

Set reasonable expectations by being realistic when it comes to planning your schedule. Remember to keep your health above all.

Take care of your physical self because you can’t pass your final if you are sleep deprived.

Eat well and get exercise when short on time because these are usually the first to go.

Utilize all resources available to you like checking into one of the study groups at the Learning Assistance Program.

According to the Learning Assistance Program, it has helped over 3000 students this past year.

The LAP offers five free academic tutoring services for help learning the content and materials of specific courses offered at NKU. Some of these other services are the math center, writing center, success skills tutoring, and a supplemental instruction program that offers group tutoring sessions in selected difficult courses.

Libby Wright a junior majoring in chemistry has participated in some of these services. “I am so grateful for them helping me with some of my math courses. If it wasn’t for their help, I probably wouldn’t have passed,” said Wright.

Another service NKU offers students to unwind any time during the semester but can also be utilized during finals week is the student Wellness Center is offering massages for a fee in Founders Hall. The massage services offered are Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, chair massage, and facial toning massage.

Kim Johnson a sophomore accounting student plans on using this service to beat stress during finals week. “I can’t wait for my massage. I just learned of NKU offering this, this past semester. I definitely plan on booking another appointment for the fall,” said Johnson. has some more tips to avoid finals week stress. Avoid stressful people: Stress can be contagious during exam week so resist the urge to have a study session with intense friends. Their stress can add to yours.

Eat healthy and exercise although it seems easy enough it’s usually the first thing people skip when stressed. Skip sugar which will make you crash and go for snacks like granola bars, healthy cereal, and fruits and veggies to keep the blood sugar from crashing.

Just say no to people who consume too much of your time. There might be a friend who wants you to talk to you for hours and hours about their life or wants you to go to a party with them during finals week. Say no and focus on what is needed to study for finals.

Force yourself to take breaks. For every hour that you work take a 10-minute break. This gives your brain time to rest and will help keep your mind focused.

Visualize it all going right. Picture yourself getting all the answers right and focus on how relaxed you feel. When you imagine a happy ending that’s often what happens because of the decisions you make during finals week.