Q & A with APB’s new president

NKU’s Activities Programming Board helps students develop relationships, meet new people and enjoy exciting events with others who share a common interest.

Every year, APB elects a new president to organize events for NKU students throughout the year. The president plays a major role in the organization and is responsible for planning and promoting all of the activities on NKU’s campus.

Junior English major Ryan Krebiehl was inducted as the APB president for the 2013-14 school year on April 27.

How were you elected the new president?

“We filled out an application and had an interview with the executive board and the adviser of the organization and they let us know by phone call. We did a shadow during the Student Union festival, so the new executive board ran the Student Union to see how we did and gave a critique back.”

What made you decide to apply to be president of APB?

“I have been on APB for four semesters. I was orientation leader this past summer and it really helped my leadership experience and it made me want to get more involved. It made me want to have a major role here on campus. Originally, I was going to go for vice president executive director, but a couple of people approached me and told me to run for president. I thought about it and felt that I could really make a difference.”

How did you feel when you received the news about being elected for president?

“When I was told that I would be taking over as president of APB, I experienced a cocktail of excitement, pride and overwhelming nervousness. I am extremely grateful to the current APB staff for their faith in me and I am anxious to bring amazing, free fun to campus.”

What are you goals for next year as APB president?

“One of the things I would like to do is reach out to the people that aren’t as involved because a large portion of our audience is [involved in] Greek Life so I would like to reach out to people who are on campus who are just here to go to class and go home. I want to get more involvement from those students.”

What do you plan to do differently with the activities?

“I want a fresh take on it. I want to take all of the things we do really well and keep them but expand. As far as the new events, I have been doing a little research seeing how much we can bring to campus, and hopefully [bring] some new, fresh things that people would be interested in.”