First Student Union Festival provided weekend fun

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Activities Programming Board entertained 500 people at the Student Union Festival last weekend, the first attempt at incorporating weekend programs into university life.

This special event took over the first floor of the Student Union. Students moseyed around eating slices of Raniero’s pizza and munching on sandwiches from Subway, and washing it down with various drinks. Students with the Activities Programming Board twirled pink and blue cotton candy around sticks, and popped delicious smelling popcorn. Students slurped on red and blue slushies as they waited in line for the various activities to do.

Students acted like James Bond as they played laser tag with inflatable walls and places to hide behind. they could also race each other in the inflatable obstacle course, A inflatable moonwalk, provided enjoyment for students of all ages. One student even brought her young daughter to enjoy the festivities.  Memories could be captured in the photo booth, and lyrics could be belted in the room with karaoke. students also flocked to the room where a psychic awaited  near the game room.

The Wellness Center was also giving chair massages for students who eagerly awaited their turn.

For this event, Tina Hoesl, APB executive director, said APB worked with the National Association of Campus Activity (NACA) to find entertainers. And vendors use NACA to get promoted.

NACA led APB to Lester the balloon guy, as his bedazzled shirt read. The balloon artist entertained a long line with his talent, creating  everything from penguins fishing, to turtles, to unique balloon hats. NACA also led APB to face-painting artists. This was not your average face painting either; they were advanced and artsy.

Brady Dunn, a freshman theater major  smiled with his balloon hat as he happily waited in line for the psychic.

“It’s awesome. I’m glad it’s free,” Dunn said.

Caitlyn Clark, a junior elementary and special education major attended this event with two of her friends and noticed the amount of people present. “It went great,” Clark said.

Clark noticed that the balloon animal guy and the face painter had the longest lines. “It was nice to walk to,” Clark said about the event and living on campus.

Guitarist Justin Paul Lewis was also found through NACA. An Americana/soul singer, he has opened for Nora Jones and was the live music for this event. His slow melodies filled the air and wrapped you in a cozy feeling. He sat outside the ballroom playing, singing and showcasing his talent. Lewis, 25 recently released an album with Ben Sollee called “Rinse, Repeat, Rewind” that is avialable at and on iTunes.

Hoesl added that attendees received  a bingo-like card that could be stamped for each area they went to. Then they could turn it in and get a prize at the end of the night. The prizes given out at the end of the night were restaurant gift certificates and NKU gear.

It was kind of “an incentive to make people wanna stay the whole time,” Hoesl said.

For those students on campus or off this was a chance to have some weekend fun for free. If that wasn’t enough reason to attend, the first 200 people received a t-shirt.

Erik Pederson, president of Student Government Association, encouraged everyone in SGA to attend this event.

“I hope that it will set the precedent for weekends on NKU’s campus,” Pederson said.

Hoesl said that their goal was to have 500 people attend.  The attendance was more than expected as their goal of 500 was easily met.

“For the next year we are going to try to do more weekend programs,” Hoesl said.