Inexpensive gifts work for valentines

Around NKU, some people may view Valentine’s Day as just another day, but for others it is a special day full of love and romance.

One memorable occasion for public relations major Nonsikelelo Sibanda was when her boyfriend surprised her with a picnic. Sibanda’s boyfriend made her believe, the whole day, that he had forgotten Valentine’s Day.

“I forced him to take me out to dinner, thinking that he had forgotten to plan something for the day. During the whole car ride, I was frustrated because I thought that he didn’t know how important the day was to me,” Sibanda said.

When Sibanda’s boyfriend stopped the car, he went to the trunk and ended up getting out a bouquet of flowers and a card.

“To my surprise, he ended up taking me to a park and surprising me with a picnic with all of my favorite foods. The picnic inside of a gazebo, which was decorated in twinkling lights, was better than anything I had imagined for that night.”

Chris Cole, director of marketing and communications, has had a different kind of Valentine’s Day experience.

Cole remembered going to a basketball game, which was “the most memorable home basketball game in recent history,” he said. “It was Ken Shields’ last home game before retiring and we won in triple overtime.”

To make Valentine’s Day memorable, it is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive, extravagant gifts. There are affordable places to shop around Highland Heights such as Dollar Tree, Kroger and Walgreens.

At Dollar Tree there is a wide range of items that one can purchase for an affordable price. For example, there are balloons that have different messages and shapes on them, including “I love you” and “Be mine.” There are gift teddy bears, which come in a small box holding a heart saying “I love you” or a small rose.

Another place you can go is Kroger, which has an aisle that is dedicated to Valentine’s Day presents and candy. Starburst Candy ‘n Sticks costs $3.49 without a Kroger Plus card. Dove Milk Chocolate solid hearts are being sold for $2.99. There are also Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey Kisses picture boxes, where you can put a photo on the front side of the box when giving it as a gift. The cost of the box without a Kroger Plus card is $5.69 and with a card it’s two boxes for $9.

At Walgreens, there are plenty of deals to choose from. Sold here are soft conversation hearts with sound, which cost $3.99. There is a variety of candy, including the Best Friends fudge heart box for only $.99. Candy isn’t the only thing that comes in a tin at Walgreens, they also sell a double chocolate chip cookie tin, costing $.99.