Top faculty honored at annual excellence awards ceremony

On Oct. 25 Northern Kentucky University hosted its celebration of faculty excellence in the Otto M. Budig Theatre. Each year, six professors, faculty and/or staff are rewarded with an award that encompasses their accomplishments in teaching, outreach and public engagement, or scholarly and creative activity. These particular professors climbed to the top with their notable research programs, creative class forming and selfless non-profit donating.
For 2012, these are NKU’s top professors:

1. Excellent Performance in Teaching
Bethany V. Bowling | Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
• Principal investigator for a National Science Foundation-funded project called Focus of Operations, Recruiting, Community and Engagement or FORCE.
• Coordinator for two biology courses, including an advanced genetics course and cutting edge research that has involved more than 200 students in significant scientific research.
Unique Fact: Former college basketball player at Thomas More College from 1998-2002, started all four years as a guard and small forward.

2. Sustained Excellence in Teaching
Dr. Richard Fox | Professor
Department of Computer Science

• Has taught 25 classes at NKU, including four graduate courses. Has created more than a dozen courses, including advanced computer architecture and Unix Systems.
• Chair of the University Curriculum Committee since fall of 2010.
Unique Fact: Recorded a CD in 1998 of progressive rock/jazz instrumental music

3.) Excellent Performance in Outreach and Public Engagement
Dr. Dana Harley| Assistant Professor
Department of Counseling, Social Work and Leadership
• Piloted a non-invasive approach to mentoring that enables students to identify perceived barriers and explore their personal feelings about them through photo-journaling.
Unique Fact: New mom that enjoys spending time with her family. She likes to play Taboo and other competitive board games with her husband.

4. Excellent Performance in Scholarly or
Creative Activity

Wei Hao | Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
• In 2008, shifted research to cloud computing because Apple iPhones and Androids had just hit the market. His preliminary research into cloud computing network issues shows promise for improving battery life of mobile devices.
-Unique Fact: Likes to swim, play table tennis and go to the gym in his free time.

5. Sustained Excellence in Scholarly or Creative Activity
Jonathan Reynolds | Professor
Department of History and Geography

• African History Scholar. One of five textbooks has been published in multiple editions and multiple languages and has been the dominant textbook in the field for eight years.
Unique Fact: Has a local band and runs recording studio in his basement.

6. Sustained Excellence in Outreach and Public Engagement
Julie Oldberding
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice

• Over the past seven years, she has collaborated with the United Way, Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project, Vision 2015 and more than 20 other nonprofit organizations.
Unique Fact: She loves to travel, especially if it involves snorkeling, snow skiing and/or hiking with her husband and two sons.