Upcoming fair to help decide majors, minors


Every year, a substantial amount of Northern Kentucky University’s incoming freshmen class have undeclared majors, causing career exploration to be a priority for University Connect and Persist, Office of First-Year Programs, Norse Advising Center and UNV 101 classes.

Today, the Office of First-Year Programs will host the annual Major/Minor Fair. Approximately 40 majors and minors NKU offers will be featured. Advisors and academic department faculty will offer additional assistance and support to students.

“The Office of First-Year Programs does such an amazing job providing students with the necessary tools, services and support in order for them to be prepared to enter their career field,” said Peg Adams, director of University Connect and Persist.

The Office of First-Year Programs collaborated with NKU’s University Connect and Persist to enhance the fair’s experience. UCAP’s focus is to create a culture that values and supports success networks for students, Adams said.

UCAP defines “success networks” as a proactive relationship students have with faculty, staff and/or advisors that will be a guide as students begin their professional lives.
“UCAP’s vision of encouraging and teaching students to develop success networks is that when students experience a setback or are in need of advice, they can tap into their network and remain on their path of professional success,” Adams said.

UCAP has collaborated with UNV 101 professors to inform students of the importance of developing success networks.

Jeanne Pettit, associate director of the Office of First-Year Programs, is involved with the UNV 101 course curriculum that about half of the freshmen class enroll in. Pettit has worked hard on publicizing the Major/Minor fair to UNV 101 students and many of the professors are requiring their students to attend the fair.

“UCAP, as well as the other academic departments that are participating in the fair, offers fun ways for students to get engaged with faculty. We want to help students feel more comfortable and to be able to start building their success networks,” Adams said.

Senior Mollie Smith was a teacher’s assistant last semester for a UNV 101 class.

“The UNV 101 curriculum is perfect for undeclared students because it can really help to give them a sense of direction if they’re unsure what area they want to go into,” Smith said.
The Major/Minor fair will be in the Student Union ballroom from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tools and resources will be provided to students, allowing them to identify and connect their values, skills and interests with a career choice.