Photography Students follow fashion trends


Facebook users recently might have stumbled upon or seen themselves in photographs on the new Facebook group, NKU Style. This latest Facebook installment centering on Northern Kentucky University culture focuses on the fashion trends that appear each day on campus.

Hundreds of photographs of students have already surfaced on the site, showcasing the diverse and unique styles that students wear.
The Facebook group comes from a class project out of the photojournalism department. Designed to get the class out of their comfort zones, each member of the class must go out on campus to photograph and interact with dozens of students. The class then reconvenes and decides which photographs should go online.

The Facebook group went viral Sept. 28 and already has close to 300 photographs online, highlighting everything from entire outfits to unique accessories.
Ronny Salerno, one of the nine photographers who are part of NKU Style, has learned to adapt to the “on-the-fly” portrait taking that this project requires. Salerno, a senior photography major, who prefers more photo documentary techniques, mentioned that this project has forced him to develop a new photography style. “I think it has improved [my classmates’] technique and social skills,” Salerno said. “We’re not in the studio…you have to work with what you got.”

Any student can be photographed if they are willing to look for student photographers around the Student Union, library or any other highly populated area on campus.
Once photographed, find the group on Facebook at Students can then tag themselves if they like what they see and also “Like” the page to stay up to date on the latest trends.
The project, which only went online two weeks ago, will continue for the next few weeks and may become its own social media trend for students as 355 people currently like the page.
Wearing jeans and a T-shirt himself, Salerno admitted he was no fashion expert and is open to all styles and often times photographs just students’ accessories, like sunglasses, backpacks or shoes. “Everyone takes pride in what they wear,” Salerno said. “I just try to get a good sampling of people.”

Malesha Thomas, a senior integrative studies major, and BreAnna Henry, a junior pre-radiologic technology major, both were photographed by Salerno and said they felt no pressure to look a certain way on campus.The two were dressed in some workout apparel and said everyone has their own style and personality when it comes to fashion.
“[NKU Style] shows people’s individuality, their carelessness, their style or just how they’re feeling for the day,” Thomas said, wearing a “Votruba is My Dude” T-shirt. “I don’t feel a need to impress anyone here on campus; it’s more about my mood and how I’m feeling or what’s clean.”

“Different people may feel like dressing up; it might just be their personality or that’s what they did in high school but I don’t judge,” Henry said. The two were happy to have been photographed and are tagged in their respective photos on the Facebook page.