Students start up record label on campus

Northern Kentucky University has a brand new addition to their variety of student organizations: Climb Time Entertainment, an on-campus record label. Whether you are a dedicated artist or someone interested in getting started in the music industry, Climb Time Entertainment is open to everyone.
They also work with behind-the-scenes aspects, such as video editing and production, camera men, fashion and interior designers and DJs. “The point of Climb Time Entertainment is to help students better themselves,” president of the organization Anthony Morgan said.

“I am not an artist,” he explained, “but I am a business major, and being a part of creating Climb Time Entertainment has really helped me grow and use my skills,” The vice president, Tywan Shanklin, was introduced to the idea of Climb Time Entertainment just this past summer by Morgan.

Morgan was well equipped with an in-home studio and big dreams. Together, they made their ideas of helping young people with a desire to work with music become a reality. “It’s so awesome watching it grow,” Shanklin said about the club.

Unfortunately, the new group has had several interested candidates, but not many who are committed to the club. This club has so much potential, and students are really given the opportunities they would need to grow and flourish not only as artists, but as people in general, according to the pair. “We have the resources, all we need now is to just give it some time,” Shanklin said.

On Oct. 1, Shanklin and Morgan constructed surveys to study the demographics of NKU to begin looking at the important statistics that would impact their organization. Hopefully, this research will help them find those who would be interested in becoming active members of Climb Time, and also inform the university about themselves.

These young men have plans for the upcoming year, including creating a school talent show and a Top 10 Countdown for NKU. The duo will spend the first semester focusing on studio work and then move on to performance in the spring.

Climb Time Entertainment is a great way for young adults to learn more about the music industry, and even get their foot in the door for a real-world setting.

Although they have a lot more work to do, these two have already come very far. They took their home studio dreams and chose to do something more with them, and spread their knowledge of music and production to other students.

When asked about the progress of his organization, Morgan smiled and said, “We’re not grinding anymore, we’re climbing; we can only go up from here.”