Norse Nights partners for local discounts


Being a college student can definitely break the bank. Students don’t always have time to work, and even if they do, they have necessary expenses that take all of their paycheck. Ultimately they try to make the best of their buck, so to say.

Local restaurants have partnered with Northern Kentucky University to give discounts to students who present their All Card when buying a meal. The partnership is called Norse Nights.
“Norse Nights is a local partnership program with local businesses and the Student Government Association,” Chris Cole, director of marketing and communications, said. “Students present their NKU ID at local businesses and get 10 percent off of their bill for just being a student or employee at NKU.”

Since the program began last year about twenty or so local restaurants have decided to partner with the university. The Student Government Association is actively looking to increase that number this year.
“We’re reaching out as a campus and having a connection with the local community so they could have a stronger relationship with the campus,” Cole said.

Some of the businesses have a 10 percent discount every day of the week, some have 15 percent and some just do the discounts Monday through Friday. Right now, SGA has partnered with local restaurants, but hopes to expand the partnership to other local businesses, too.

“Right now we only have the partnership with restaurants,” Alexandra Hedges, junior SGA secretary of student involvement, said. “We would like to grow to adding local stores and boutiques to the program, we’ve discussed expanding it to other areas.”

Not only has SGA reached out to businesses but businesses have reached out to them, too. It can help increase the relationship between businesses and students. They may choose to go to one restaurant over another one because it offers a discount.

“We encourage them to offer discounts to NKU students. There were instances where local businesses were eager and proactive about getting in the program,” Cole said. “It promotes businesses, it helps increase sales.”

NKU students just have to present their All Card at any of the local businesses who participate when paying for their bill and they will receive the discount.
“This year students can look forward to new promotions. Since we have a sustainable amount of businesses we have partnered with, we really want to push the idea,” Hedges said.