Joining student groups easier than you think

At Northern Kentucky University there are roughly 200 student organizations and clubs for you to get involved in and join. From the intramural soccer teams to Greek life, to chess club and Norse Force; there is something for everyone. Having a Student Life Office located on campus can be a helpful tool for someone looking to get involved on campus.

“I know an easy way to get involved on campus is to go to activities and sporting events,” freshman business major Dane Taylor said. “But I didn’t know about the Student Life Office or know that you went there to create a club either.”

To form a club or an organization on campus you only need a few things: at least five people who want to begin the club, a sponsor who works on campus, an idea and a little bit of money.

The student organization registration fee is due to the Student Life Office by Sept. 28th. But it is possible to start a club later in the school year.

“There is a $25 student organization registration fee,” senior public relations major Vincent Cunningham said. “The idea is that if you decide you want to start a club, you’ll have five people and you can all split the cost into $5 a person.”

For someone looking for a way to get more information about a club or organization they can make an account on Orgsync. It’s a website that lets students connect to all the organizations on NKU’s campus.

A lot of people know about getting involved, they just don’t know how. They want to get connected and form a network but they just aren’t sure where to go.
“Anybody can start an intramural team,” Jeremy Chipman, coordinator for Intramural Sports and Outdoor Adventure Programs said. “You must first sign up with your NKU username and password on”

Campus Recreation has a very big and diverse group of teams that you can join. They have sports from basketball to sand volleyball, to flag football. All that is required is to have an All Card and a minimum of one credit hour at NKU.

“I’d like to make a dodgeball intramural team if there isn’t already one,” freshman sports business major Barrett Arnold said. “That would be a lot of fun with a big group of friends.”

Ultimately anyone can join a club, organization or intramural team anytime during the school year. It is also pretty easy to create anything you want to do.
“If you want to join a club in the middle of the year, go straight to the person in charge of that club. It cuts out the middleman,” Cunningham said.
Specifics about certain organizations or just to look around, visit