Women prep for sorority recruitment


After Chi Omega sorority resigned from the chartering process at Northern Kentucky University, some were skeptical but 25 women who participated in Chi O’s recruitment in Spring 2012 have decided to participate in this year’s formal fall recruitment.

Included in the 25 women is Chanell Karr, a junior public relations major. Karr participated in formal fall recruitment in 2011 as a sophomore, but when she didn’t find her match she turned to the Chi Omega recruitment process. Although the sorority’s plans went awry, Karr is certain that the third time’s the charm.
“I think that last year I was trying to please other people, but this year I need to be true to myself and make choices that will most positively affect myself, the chapter and the university,” Karr said.

Kimberly Vance, assistant director of Student Life, told the women who went through Chi O’s recruitment not to get discouraged.
“As an incentive to go through with fall recruitment, they waived our recruitment fees,” Karr said.

According to Vance, doing so cost the Panhellenic Council about $750. “It was the right thing to do and Panhellenic is happy to do it,” she said.
Vance mentioned that this year the potential new members (PNM) will take an assessment test called iValU that focuses on their values to help find things that connect them to the chapters. This is the first year PNMs will take an assessment.

The assessment is provided by Phired Up Productions, a company that focuses on education, growth and retention for organizations. Vance said that every year chapters lose members for various reasons, but through this assessment she’s hoping retention will be positively affected.
Melanie Ansara, a Gamma Chi, said the iValU assessments have already been helpful. “I’m a huge fan. It helps a lot of my girls open up and puts things into perspective for them.”

She then explained that her Gamma Chi group had a discussion and the women all seemed to be very open with each other.
“We want it to be legitimate. We want it to be sincere,” Vance said. “What do you value and how can you get involved within the organization?”
She explained that at age 18 it’s hard to know who you are, what you want to become and what your deepest values are. Vance also mentioned that being in college and getting involved is a balancing act.

Karr said that if she had gone through recruitment as a freshman she didn’t think she would have been ready. Freshman year she took on two or three student organizations and then sophomore year took on leadership roles within.

“Greek life will be great because there are so many leaders in greek life,” Karr said. “I look up to them in so many ways. There are so many famous people and leaders in the world that have been in greek life.”

Alpha Omicron Pi will be joining NKU Greek Life this fall. They will be at orientation Sept. 6 for a brief presentation. Shortly after the conclusion of formal fall recruitment we will be seeing more of them on campus Vance said.

“There are a lot of alumni in the area that are excited. I think it’s going to be a more positive outcome, but I’ll always wonder if we could have done something better with Chi Omega,” Vance said.

Ashley Schilffarth, a Gamma Chi, said she wished Chi Omega had handled things better in regards to withdrawing from the chartering process. “I think we did the best we could as a Panhellenic community and I hope their actions don’t reflect on us,” she said.
Both Ansara and Schilffarth agree that the women of AOII have been nice and handled everything appropriately thus far.
Registration for recruitment ended on Sept. 3 so that the assessments will be completed by Sept. 6, which marks Meet Your Gamma Chi Night.