German film festival catches students’ eyes

Several Northern Kentucky University students, faculty members and neighboring citizens of the campus gathered into Landrum’s auditorium for Kinoabende, which means “movie nights.”

The event focused on the debut of Germany’s “Der Untergang,” or “Downfall” in English translation. This German film includes English subtitles. “Kinoabende” is the first of a three-night event here at NKU in which people can come to view different German films.

“Downfall” is a 2004 German/Italian/Austrian epic war film directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. It depicts the final twelve days of Adolf Hitler’s life in his Berlin bunker during the Russian invasion and Nazi Germany in 1945. Some students were present purely for entertainment; others were there to brush up on their German language, whether it is for a grade or not.

“I think it’s cool for me to understand the language a little bit better,” said senior history major Aaron Rockenstein. “The subtitles help in case I get a little lost in the scenes with gunfire and explosions.” This World War II account provides him with plenty of historical references to apply toward his degrees.

Kinoabende was organized by Nancy K. Jentsch, an instructor of German and Spanish in the Department of World Literatures and Languages.

Everyone who was in attendance at Kinoabende had the opportunity to receive free refreshments, including bags of popcorn and a variety of drinks, just to enhance the movie theatre-like theme of the night.

“It was a good movie and it kept me entertained,” said senior computer information technology major Josh Elbert. “I really enjoyed the snacks too.” Elbert claims to have attended purely for enjoyment, stating that he enjoys WWII films.

There are two movie nights remaining. The next film, “Die Welle (The Wave),” will be shown on March 20 in LA 110 at 7 p.m. The final film, “The Princess and the Warrior,” will be shown on April 12 at 7 p.m. It is free admission to watch these films. For more information, visit the Department of World Languages and Literatures’ news Website at