Anchor down with the DG sisters

Cakes galore was the scene at “Desserts with DG” on Feb. 10. The event was held in the University Center cafeteria from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. as a fundraiser for the Delta Gamma Zeta Sigma chapter.
This year the event brought in $2,500, said Michelle Forlenza, the chapter’s president. About 21 cakes were featured in the event along with cake balls and cookies, among other goodies that were sold during intermission.

Sigma Phi Epsilon placed the highest bid for a cake at the event. At $130, SigEp took home the highest valued cake at the auction.

Billy Enderle, an NKU sophomore and president of SigEp, wasn’t able to attend the event but is proud of his brothers for the support they showed DG.

“It’s always important to support other members of your community,” Enderle said. “It’s a give and take relationship.” He said SigEp likes to see members of the Greek community come out and support them as well.

Support within the DG chapter was exhibited by each woman playing a role in the fundraising event, said Forlenza.
“It’s crazy how talented some of my sisters are,” she said. “They baked some beautiful cakes.”

Some women like Forlenza gained inspiration for their cakes from family members, while others turned to Pinterest for crafty and tasty ideas, she said.
Emma Jones, a sophomore chemistry major and member of DG, made a cheesecake with a chocolate glaze that she heard of from her mom. While some women baked, others helped with intricate details for the event, all for a collective cause.

“It was really nice to see every one care and display a common spirit and coming togetherness,” Jones said. “The letters are not a division but part of a whole Greek community.”
The sorority sisters of DG baked cakes that featured symbols representing each individual sorority and fraternity. The sororities and fraternities were then given the opportunity to bid on and purchase the cake that represented them. The event was open to anyone who wanted to come.

DG will do most of their philanthropic fundraising at “Anchor Splash” later this semester, said Forlenza.