Men sprout manly facial hair


Every November, men grow facial hair to raise awareness and money for men’s health. This practice has led to the month being called Movember. On Nov. 1, every man who decides to accept the challenge must start out clean-shaven. Throughout the 30 days of November, men, also referred to as “Mo Bros,” groom their moustaches to the point of brilliance.

Movember is also known as “No-Shave November.” The same rule of starting on Nov. 1 applies; but instead of just a moustache, a man can grow any type of facial hair he wants. If someone is following No-Shave November instead of Movember, he doesn’t have to groom or maintain his facial hair. All he has to worry about is growing the manliest facial hair possible. Just by growing a Viking’s beard, a No-Shave November participant helps in raising awareness for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues.

What about the wives and girlfriends of these facial hair fanatics? There are two ways they can handle the hairy situation. One, they support the growth. Or two, hate it and not speak to their significant other. A woman who supports their man’s scruff is called a “Mo Sista.”

But for those wanting a little sophistication, here are the rules for Movember:

1) The moustache cannot touch or join with the sideburns — otherwise, it is considered a beard.

2) When growing a handlebar moustache, the ends cannot join together — if they join, it is considered a goatee.

3) A small amount of hair under the bottom lip is okay, better known as Joey Greco’s soul patch.

To donate to the Movember cause, you can visit All donations go to research, education and awareness of prostate cancer. Even though it is the middle of November, don’t worry, next year’s Movember awaits you. There is plenty of time to practice growing a moustache or beard as you discover the style that best fits your personality.

So go forth. Put those razors down. Prepare yourselves to grow those Novem-beards and moustaches. Let there be facial hair. Show your inner Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Gen. Burnside, Daniel Day Lewis in “Gangs of New York,” Hulk Hogan, Geraldo Rivera or Grizzly Adams and lend a helping moustache towards supporting men’s wellness.