Freshman Musician Making Her Way

Northern Kentucky University freshman musical theater major Lea Verlin uses her talents for more than just musicals. The performer finds solace in creating music not only for herself, but also for those she is able to reach with her compositions.
Verlin has been writing and producing her own music since she was 13 years old. Verlin has two unreleased albums.
Verlin attributes her passion for music to her emotional nature and she cites her junior high school years as important to her development as a writer of music. “Music was an escape for me,” Verlin said. “During junior high, I used writing as an outlet.”

Verlin’s passion for the arts continued into her high school years. She participated in various vocal contests including Mason Idol, where she placed third out of seventy contestants. Verlin also competed in Little Miami High School’s talent show, where she was awarded first place.
Jeff Page, who has worked closely with Verlin on musical compositions, has an inside perspective on Verlin’s musical ability.
“She’s worked with me on a couple songs where she plays the piano and sings, and I play guitar. She’s a beast,” Page said. “I remember her freshman year [of high school] when she won the talent show … and she just blew us all away.”
Currently, she sings soprano with NKU’s Broadway Chorus Tour Troupe, a group of freshmen selected to study and perform Broadway music.
“I love the students that I work with, as well as our professor,” Verlin said. “If you have a passion for singing and love Broadway, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to audition.”

Verlin has a vocal tone and lyrical composition which she attributes, in part, to her family.
“[My family’s] opinions on my lyrics and tone-quality has influenced the way I write music, as well as how I perform onstage.”
Though Verlin is relatively new to NKU, audiences may see her perform in various theater productions in the coming years. Verlin’s music can be found on her website at