Find great Thai nearby

Blink and you’ll miss it. But if you stop and catch it, you’ll wonder if it’s actually a restaurant.

However, Mae Ploy, a Thai and sushi restaurant located just seconds away from the main entrance to NKU, is something food lovers shouldn’t miss.

Located just down the road from NKU on US 27 towards Ft. Thomas, the restaurant offers a lot of food for a little amount of money. Mae Ploy is a rare gem offering authentic, made-to-order food in the immediate area of Highland Heights. It may look unappealing on the outside, but give it a shot and find nothing but appealing food delivered to the table.

The large amount of options for a small-town restaurant is Mae Ploy’s highlight. There is a full array of sushi from the common California, to deluxe and specialty rolls with which NKU Dining’s sushi cannot compete (no offense). On top of that, they offer genuine curry dishes, tempura, fried rice, noodles, soups and even desserts.

And there is no need to be afraid if you lack knowledge of the ins and outs of Thai cuisine or sushi. The friendly staff always asks if you have any questions about the menu and are always willing to explain any dish for a curious diner. The staff also keeps drink refills coming and will box up the food for guest taking leftovers, as most guests utilize the generous portions. The quality of food will leave you desiring it for a second meal.

The food tastes amazing, and it is made just to level of spiciness you prefer. For people with friends that are not fond of this type of food, there are a few options available to them, too. On this visit, one diner enjoyed the chicken tempura (or deep-fried chicken), which were served with tempura vegetables and miso soup.

The downside at lunchtime is that it tends to get a little crowded because there is not a ton of seating. The parking situation could be improved, and adding seafood to a cooked dish tends to up the price substantially.

Overall, though, if you want a lot of delicious food close to campus, this is the place.

Story by Jesse Call