Movie theater options

Movie fans can be a loyal, sometimes overzealous, bunch of people. Some of them wake up before sunup just to wait in line for a new release. Others pay $8 just to see a trailer of a movie that won’t be released for months.

While not everyone is as dedicated as hardcore movie-goers, it is important to know what your options are when it comes to selecting a movie theater.

With only four movie theaters in Northern Kentucky, seeing a movie in the same place over and over again can become stagnant and, face it, boring.

Across the river, Cincinnati has many theaters that offer a change of scenery. Four theaters in Ohio within 30 miles of campus were evaluated.

Showcase Springdale

Showcase in Springdale used to be the best place to see a movie in the area before AMC opened in Newport.

Cincinnati Movie Theaters
•  Showcase Springdale Price: $9, C Distance from campus: about 15 miles, B- Atmosphere: A+

•  Showcase Cincinnati Mills Price: $9, C Distance from campus: more than 20 miles, C Atmosphere: B+

•  Showcase Western Hills Price: $9, C Distance from campus: about 15 miles, B- Atmosphere: B

•  Rave Motion Pictures Price: $7, B+ Distance from campus: more than 20 miles, C- Atmosphere: A+

Stadium seating and nearby malls, combined with magnificent picture and sound quality, make this theater one of the best; despite its distance from campus and lack of a student discount.

Cincinnati Mills

A few miles past Springdale is Showcase Cinema in the newly remodeled Cincinnati Mills mall. While this theater is nothing spectacular, it is good enough to enjoy a movie if you are already at the mall or Springdale is too crowded.

Another benefit is that it’s location inside the mall allows you to avoid looking for parking and waiting in rain or snow.

Showcase Western Hills

Showcase in Western hills is an average theater that used to be top-of-the-line. Deterioration over time and other theater openings in the area have dismissed this once proud theater. Visible breaks in the audio quality and sticky floors make this theater inferior.

Rave Motion Pictures

If only Rave would open a theater in Northern Kentucky. This place offers everything a person could want in a movie-going experience.

Combining the best elements of AMC and Showcase Springdale, Rave Motion Pictures in West Chester has it all. Inexpensive ticket prices, immaculate floors and courteous staff help this theater rise above the competition. From the moment you walk up the marble stairs you will be hooked.

State-of-the-art audio and picture quality merely add to the grandeur at this top-of-the-line movie theater.

Rave is a breath of fresh air from the typical fare – well worth the 25 minute drive.

The next time you decide to see a movie, consider your options. There’s a nice variety of movie theaters in the area. It may be worth driving a few extra miles to enjoy a change of scenery. Unless, of course, you enjoy your old, sticky-floored theater.