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Patriot Front canvases campus again, students react

April 3, 2021

Sometime during Friday night to Saturday morning, Patriot Front—the white extremist group that vandalized campus in late January—returned back to campus and vandalized the Housing rock for a second time, along with stickers throughout campus.

The rock was previously painted with different faces of Black students and crowns and black and yellow hearts on one side and the name of eight African American Student Initiatives organizations. Patriot Front spraypainted white Xs over the faces, crowns and hearts and spraypainted their logo beside the faces and the organizations.

Continuing through campus, several spots had stickers posted on them reading “Reject poison” and “Not stolen. Conquered” 

The rock was covered by maintenance early Saturday morning.

The front side of the rock now covered by maintenance. (Josh Kelly)

President-elect Aliya Cannon, said in an Instagram video, “I am tired. I understand that you are tired. We are tired of the disrespect, of the hate of all the hate crimes, that continue to go on at our campus unnoticed.”

Cannon said that while SGA may be shut down right now and she is not currently president, she and her e-board will be getting change accomplished once they are installed on April 26, 2021.

“It’s time to uplift each other, unify and take our campus back,” Cannon said.

Students took to Twitter and Instagram to share how they were feeling.

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