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BREAKING: Dada, Bluford win SGA presidential election

March 30, 2017


Mackenzie Manley

Wearing their campaign shirts, Dada and Bluford said they were ecstatic about the win. The pair will serve as president and vice president of SGA.

Sami Dada and Erica Bluford were elected Student Government Association president and vice president Thursday, receiving 616 votes from the student body.

Three slates vied for the positions of president and vice president of the SGA. Dada and Bluford beat the nearest candidates, Kaitlyn Schaefer and Taylor Gagné, by 129 votes. Dejah Rawlings and Troy Cornes received a total of 266 votes.

A group of approximately 40 students, along with family members and friends, crowded the third floor of the Student Union. Election commissioner Chuck Rust, a chase law student and former member of SGA, read the results at 10:25 p.m.

The room was tense as the votes were announced, moving from bottom to top. The crowd was speckled with members wearing t-shirts in support of their candidate.

Mackenzie Manley
The crowd began to cheer as the win was announced. Bluford and Sami hugged one another, as well as several other members from the crowd.

There was a moment of silence before the announcement; the third floor crackled with sounds of chants and shouts from Dada’s camp. The running mates, Dada and Bluford, pulled one another into a hug.

After the win, Dada said that he is looking forward to an SGA that’s diverse and gets things done; he previously served as the secretary of public relations. 

“It doesn’t matter what greek affiliation you are. It doesn’t matter what organization you’re in,” Dada said. “I want to work with all students to make sure we come together.”

Bluford added that she and Dada have been saying that they’re the best representation of not just one group of people, but the entire campus.

“We really look forward to proving that to everyone and really unite,” Bluford said.  

As supporters of Dada’s campaign leaped to hug one another, the other platforms’ camps somberly embraced one another.

For Gagné, who ran as vice president with Schaefer, the campaign season was stressful. He said that he currently works a 60-hour full-time job, along with classes and other involvement. 

“I am glad that we ran a clean campaign full of integrity and we ran a campaign that didn’t tear people down,” Gagné said. “That’s something we really prided ourselves on through the entire campaign.”

He added that the relationships with the other people running are ones that will last them a lifetime.

Dada and Bluford will follow Will Weber and Ellen Wilshire as president and vice president throughout the 2017-2018 school year. Dada will also serve as a regent on the NKU Board of Regents.

Below is a list of full votes, which were certified by Arnie Slaughter, Interim Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, as well as Rust.

President/Vice President Votes
Sami Dada/Erica Bluford 616
Kaitlyn Schaefer /Taylor Gagne 487
Dejah Rawlings/Troy Cornes 266


Secretary for Student Involvement Votes
Christina Muenchen 669
Iain Applebee 445


Secretary for Public Relations Votes
Emma Vincent 450
Courteny Cook 370
Jordan White 346


Secretary for Administration Votes
Ethan Losier 1149


Student Senate (top 25 elected) Votes
Miriam Davis   584
Hannah Edelen 555
Kaitlyn Nally 519
Jeremy Sweet 485
Onyinyechi Okorie 467
Zachary Stone 439
Nick Abell 433
Evan Berkemeyer 433
Janiah Miller 427
Titilayo Akakpo 420
Jerrod Lainhart 418
Jachelle Sologuren 405
Brenda Moran 392
Dylan Sparks 377
Peter Readnour 351
Tyler Andre 348
Kamaria Mayes 347
Aida Manzi   320
Makayla Keokongsy 307
Jeffrey Williams   294
Devin McNary-Mason 281
Benjamin Bardgett 269
Christopher Murray 255
Adam Zarnowski 255


Judicial Council (top 5 elected) Votes
Lindsay Wright 660
Hunter Poindexter  624
Haley Madden 568
Christian Dichoso 516
Benjamin Sanning   456


Constitution & Bylaws  Votes
Yes 1085
No  89

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