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Horoscopes to finish the year out

April 11, 2021


Josh Kelly

The 12 signs of the zodiac.

As our resident astrologer is on his way out from NKU, he has a few parting words to give each of the signs on their growth and notes to remember for the rest of the school year. 

Aries: This spring you will see numerous amount of challenges. Your patience will be tested, and your morals will be questioned. Prepare yourself to examine the deepest parts of you and move forward accordingly. Oh, and happy birthday, hope you got to enjoy your second quarantine birthday.

Taurus: Since I started listening to the stars, you have experienced a tremendous amount of growth. Your momentum is pushing you into a great place for your future and you are finding your grasp on who you are even more than you could’ve before. Some would say the pandemic has treated you the best, growth-wise.

Gemini: You are likely experiencing the inability to close out a chapter in your life. This is strange because, as a mutable side, Gemini typically can close chapters easily for others, and excel at this personally. You will need to dive deeper to understand where your dissonance is.

Cancer: You are likely feeling a sense of disinterest. You are doing things that you used to find enjoyable that now seem habitual. As you continue to this season, you’re likely also experiencing a mental block of a sort—be it writer’s block or spiritual block. Continue to push through and to love yourself first to find what you need.

Leo: Your sense of clinging is coming out at its strongest right now. Your last few years were focused on opening yourself more to others, and as this new season of post-COVID-19 comes closer, you’re experiencing a dramatic change. You have expanded your pride—yes, lion pun intended—and are having a hard time letting go of them. Plan ways to enjoy them while you can.

Virgo: As always you’re being projected into your future, but this time you have a false grasp on what it is. You are winging it in the best way possible and it’s working. However, you need to revert to your ways of evaluating every step you make. You do not wanna create bad habits during this time.

Libra: The Libra’s greatest trick is how they balance everything and ensure that it is well handled. Right now, you have learned to balance everything that you’ve gone through and use it to push you further. However, you are still prone to react when something moves out of your expected plan. Work on the ability to not be in control in the coming season.

Scorpio: Right now your passion and work drive are being tested more than ever. You have doors opening and places to move to but you’re having difficulty trying to execute these plans. Put thought and effort into finishing these tasks before you move onto your next step.

Sagittarius: Similar to Gemini, you are likely experiencing a pause in your own ability to continue. However, this is affecting your emotions a lot more. You are entering a stage of instability and the best thing for you to do is listen to your emotions and find that balance that lies within. Be willing to let loose to find a secure ground.

Capricorn: As all earth signs are, you feel you can take this season of life and push through. You surely can and you will. You’re extremely capable of doing it. However, this past year has been a rough year for you and you need to be able to comfort yourself and learn what this year meant for you fully so that way when you move into the next season.

Aquarius: Since I started listening to the stars you’ve been pushed into an auto-pilot mode. It’s worked so far. Auto-pilot has pushed you to often not reflect on yourself. You’re likely wanting to completely distance yourself from certain things and wanting to run, whether that be for the better or worse. Push yourself into your creative ways and find self-reflection there.

Pisces: This time of year, you are feeling your most energetic self I’ve seen ever. The stars say that while everything is not planned, you are focusing on what you were able and capable of doing today. Focus on what you can do in the present to better yourself and do not worry about the stressors of the future as you tend to do often.

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