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HOROSCOPES: Year in a pandemic, looking forward

March 7, 2021


Josh Kelly

The 12 signs of the zodiac.

Now that we are officially one year since the beginning of the quarantine, we’ve had a lot of opportunities to learn about ourselves. Since last March, we have found ways that work for us in the pandemic and things that don’t work as well. The stars are mixing in a way that shows us how to be better in this coming year and how to grow.

Aries: It’s spring and this time last year you were disappointed that your birthday plans were postponed and now you have had several months to think about your quarantined birthday. Now that you’ve passed the mid-point of your spring semester and things are warming up, be sure to stay safe when celebrating.

Taurus: Over the past year, you’ve been motivated to get money but haven’t had many opportunities to do it. It seems as though those limitations are being lifted this year. You’ll have numerous opportunities to gain money and work on your financial gain. Look into investing in stock and check out Gamestop.

Gemini: You are gearing up to start the most influential and inspired moments of your year. Coming off of your midterms, you are likely feeling tired from the study; however, now you are just getting in the groove of the semester. Your hard work is going to pay off and you’re headed into a fruitful experience with your studies.

Cancer: Since the sun is currently in Pisces, your emotional awareness is going to be extremely heightened. You’re going to be put into positions where you can be comforting to those around you. As the month progresses, try not to get too distracted by everything as this can hurt your own mental state. 

Leo: Much like Gemini, you are going to be experiencing an influx of creative and inspirational motivation during this latter part of the semester. You’re going to be launching yourself forward and thinking about the future. Think about all of your moves and how you can project yourself best.

Virgo: Your motivation is going to seem hazy for the first time. You will be experiencing confusion and also some amount of lostness. However, this is only momentary. Your hard work throughout this semester is just in a blip of time. As we move past the midway point, keep some music close to you and some comfort food.

Libra: During this period of the semester, you will find yourself in the need to distance yourself from learning, making this one of the hardest parts of the semester for you. Your motivation will be at an all-time low. Take some time to understand what this means for you in your life. Drive around, go to a couple of shops, figure out yourself.

Scorpio: You’re now leaving a moment of stuckness. You previously were trying everything within your power to grow in your crafts and skill sets yet you never saw the fruits of your labor. Now, you will be not only seeing the fruits but enjoying the fruits. Understand that this past year has been difficult for you yet that doesn’t mean that this coming year will as well. This is a big moment of change for you. Prepare accordingly.

Sagittarius: You’re getting the typical urge to run. Instead, stay where you are right now. There is likely a whirlwind of emotions that have been revealed during the last year. The only way for you to move forward is to acknowledge the past. Did you watch Wandavision? Tune in for a bit. Learn to unpack.

Capricorn: You definitely need to watch Wandavision. That is part of your healing process. Understand that diving into work how you have been this semester is just a distraction for how much you don’t want to reveal to yourself. Consider your homework as targets you should achieve and not as things to occupy emotional real estate.

Aquarius: You’ve been launched into your future. You’re meeting all the right people to help you in a few months. This past year has been a year of you discovering and fine-tuning your skills and now you have the connections to get you further. As we move forward, be open to the new people you meet along the way.

Pisces: Your birthday just passed. Happy Birthday! Now the question is, what are you bringing into this new year of your life? Since it’s been a year since you’ve been in a pandemic, you likely learned a lot about yourself in this past year. Evaluate how you are going to be bettering yourself now that you’ve spent your last year reminiscing on how to grow.

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