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Horoscopes going into the holiday season, finals week

November 22, 2020


Josh Kelly

The 12 signs of the zodiac.

The stars are here to tell you how to prepare for the looming finals week and your holiday season. After a stressful Mars and Mercury retrograde period, everyone is likely feeling a new shift of motivation, energy and excitement and the stars know exactly where this energy will fit perfectly for finals week.

Aries: Going into the final stretch, you finally feel like doing your homework for once and not avoiding it. However, your strategy of just looking up the answers to the quizzes won’t benefit you moving forward. Take your books one page at a time and pay more attention to your homework questions. Turn these questions into a study guide.

Taurus: You are likely feeling more of a crash than a push. You did a great job during the midpoint of the semester and now you may want to take a nice nap. The stars don’t recommend that nap. Instead of a nap, you need to ease yourself back into the habit of working. Buy a nice coffee, play some tunes and sit at your desk. Deny yourself of laying in your bed.

Gemini: You feel an edge to socialize, which would be acceptable if we weren’t in a global pandemic. And with the new restrictions, it’s making it even harder to socialize in your desired way. So instead, let’s push this energy to the Zoom call. And while you have the call on, get to work on those papers.

Cancer: Your work throughout this semester is coming to fruition. The stars aren’t saying that you should keep preparing for your finals because it would be over preparation. Take a couple of days periodically to yourself. Connect with friends you may have shelved this semester. Be proud of the work you did this semester.

Leo: You’re dreading finals. Your motivation is back but you are being pulled in different directions. Be patient to get to the finish line. Take a second, clear your mind and relax. Make a to-do list and get everything done. Make sure to not distract yourself again though.

Virgo: You never stop working. You’ve been grinding this whole semester. This is the time for a break and a moment to reflect on what you have done this semester. Laugh a bit over the holiday, watch a funny movie even. Take the holiday to release yourself from this stressful semester. You’ll need it before you continue diving into the final papers.

Libra: You rode through the semester doing the bare minimum. You tried to adjust the best way for the online classes; instead, you overestimated your skills. This could lead to some disappointment in your capabilities. Don’t let it happen. Stay motivated and finished at the average performance that you desire.

Scorpio: You are more concerned about the sales and deals that come during finals week. You’re going to be working on your digital classes and then see an ad for a 50% off sale and fall into the rabbit hole. Turn your cookies off and make sure you’re cranking this homework out at a good speed.

Sagittarius: Your mind is constantly moving on to the next thing so hunkering down and focusing on your finals is going to be your biggest difficulty. To let this be a successful finals week, you need to turn your phone on Do Not Disturb, lock your doors and cut out the music. You need to make sure all distractions are gone.

Capricorn: This time is the best time for Capricorns. The need to put yourself into your room and work in solitude is at its peak. You are likely feeling like this semester was one of the most challenging semesters you’ve endured and because of that, you’re extremely drained. Your typical routine of work, school, sleep will pay off going into finals. Keep it up.

Aquarius: The stars aren’t going to expose you right now. They say in very vague terms, “We found the road of least resistance this semester. We did all the work to its full potential but not ours.” That seems to have worked well for you. Continue that, whatever that is. 

Pisces: Have fun, FaceTime friends and enjoy the company. You are dreading finals week and instead, you’re thinking about being home for most of the holiday break. Take your mind off of class and enjoy some chaos. You need it—the last month and a half has thrown you around and you need an emotional vacation.

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