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How to have a physically distanced Halloween according to your Zodiac

October 13, 2020


Josh Kelly

The twelve signs of the zodiac.

Halloween is a lot of people’s favorite holiday to get together in their favorite costumes. However, this year could look very different. In the meantime, we’ll let the stars tell you how you should plan to celebrate Hallow’s Eve.

Libra: Typically Libra would use the holiday to showcase their creativity in decorating and costuming. You likely already have the decorations for the spooky day ready, but the stars are saying you’ll find yourself making TikToks of your costume process.

Scorpio: Let’s face it, you already know what you’re going to do. The plans are nearly finalized, so the stars saying anything won’t phase you. Nonetheless, they say don’t stay in your bed watching Halloweentown for the third time. At least make a bowl of candied popcorn.

Sagittarius: Please delete the flyer for the party on your phone. Do not go out. It’s not going to be safe. Stay home, call your friends, pep up your night. Flicker the lights in your room and act like it’s the dance floor. Just delete the flyer.

Capricorn: Your partner or close friend is likely pushing you to have a good time. Use this time to get emotionally closer to them. Turn off the lights, light some candles, turn on some mellow music and sit in the middle. Manifest bright things. Open up a bit. I know it’ll be hard at times, but the collection of the Bath & Body Works candles aren’t going to burn themselves.

Aquarius: The stars are saying you need to call some friends and family. The Halloween full moon can magnify emotions and pull on your heartstrings. Don’t watch scary movies by yourself. Instead, Zoom a friend and share the screen. 

Pisces: You are the friend that really needs this holiday. You love socializing and getting together in the name of spooky fun. Instead of being there physically, have everyone buy a bag of items for all the fun activities you want to do,get on Zoom and celebrate there. It’ll be just the same.

Aries: Halloween is your favorite holiday. It gives you the chance to use the pent up energy toward partying and splurging on unnecessary good. Do you know what party is really good for you this year? Among Us. It’s full of mystery, twist and turns, and even more suspense. Make your group now so you’re ready to send the code (send it to me, please. I want to join)

Taurus: The full moon will be in Taurus this year which will motivate you to enjoy the best the night has to offer. So since we don’t want to limit your rare surge of energy, decorate! Plan! Make the best costume! But team up with Pisces to make this at a safe and the best Halloween you can.

Gemini: Although you usually crave the desire of fun and energy, this holiday, you crave emotional comfort. You know what that means, stuff your face in the bowl of candy and eat everything but the wrappers. Stay in this holiday and comfort yourself.

Cancer: You feel extremely social. Call everyone up, stay on facetime, maybe play some fun console games. Spice it up with some challenges and dares to complete throughout the night. Feed the social bug, but make sure you’re staying far enough away.

Leo: This holiday, the only Halloween costume you need to wear is yourself. Take time this holiday to reside yourself in your work. Find the intuition you seek at the bottom of that Reese’s cup while also learning about yourself at the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Virgo: Call up two of your best friends (aka your roommates) and watch a new movie. You feel the need to take risks and face challenges. This challenge should be to randomly go through the Netflix catalog and search for the scariest movie and see how far you can make it before you get too scared. Enjoy the adrenaline. 

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