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Student Art Spotlight

September 20, 2020

Destiny Ca’Mel, junior


“Bound” (2018) – Acrylic paint, Paint pens, Prismacolor pencils – 18×24
“In this piece, I show the familial traumas and harms that people deal with, but never want to talk about. Also, how a household can turn out to be a prison for some people, and how some do not fear what is outside of the world because the thing that they fear the most is living in their home with them.” -Destiny Ca’Mel

Jess Bryant, senior


“It’s titled “The Turn” and it’s just an acrylic on canvas. It’s about my personal growth throughout this quarantine, and is also my first self-portrait which I wanted to do as a practice to improve my self-image. The lilies coming out of my head represent humility, as growth cannot happen without vulnerability. They also represent innocence after death, and thus they represent the death of my old self.” – Jess Bryant

Christopher Thomas, freshman


“I love doing random personal projects in my own time so here is some skateboard designs I created for a concept Macedonian company!” -Christopher Thomas

Arianna Manners, sophomore


“Inspired by a post off of Pinterest.” -Arianna Manners

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