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Provided by Chinedu Asinugo

Chinedu Asinugo, computer information technology major

A conversation with senior Chinedu Asinugo

Major: Computer Information Technology and my focus is on cybersecurity. I have minors in information security and computer forensics. 

What organizations have you been involved in during your time at NKU? 

  • Freshman Service Leadership Committee as a leadership mentor
  • President of African Student Union 
  • Member of International Student Union
  • Men’s Soccer club 
  • Student Ambassador for the College of Informatics 

What have been the biggest challenges for you with transitioning to online?

You miss being around the people you are around every week for meetings, you miss being in the room with the members of whatever group it is. 

What are your thoughts about spring commencement being canceled? 

I definitely don’t like it, but at the same time, I kind of know that there’s nothing else that could be done given the situation. 

I work at the Office of the Provost… and so I kind of was there through the thought process and I saw that it was a very difficult decision to make. 

Will you be able to attend fall commencement? 

Quite honestly I don’t know where I’ll be in the next two weeks. In the next two weeks I could be in Idaho, I could be in Iowa, I could be back in Nigeria. To come back to just walk would cost $2,000 to go flying across the country or across the world. If I was going to walk in May, my family was going to come all the way from Nigeria. It just wouldn’t make sense to get everybody to come from where they are at anymore because the moment was kind of passed. It’s just pointless at that point. 

What changes has COVID-19 had on your post-graduation plans?

I was hoping to get a job around the area close by school and work, and it’s weird because of course the Corona thing has impacted immigration as well. I’m not sure I’m getting a job anymore.

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