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Noël Waltz

Carve out a Northerner pumpkin to get in the spooky spirit.

Editors’ Pick: Our favorite fall things to do

Celebrate spooky season the Northerner way

October 23, 2019

Natalie Hamren, Editor-in-Chief

Pumpkins. Do I really need to say anything else? Pumpkins are the definition of fall and everything Halloween. Go to a pumpkin patch, drink some pumpkin spice and buy everything pumpkin scented. If your patio doesn’t look like a mini pumpkin patch, you’re doing it wrong. 

Billy Keeney, News Editor

Noël Waltz

Layers—all of them. Once it drops below 65 degrees, you can see me transform into a fall/winter lookbook with baseball tees, flannel shirts, cardigans, shirt jackets, wool sweaters, field jackets and scarves. Nothing helps fight off the spooky ghosts, and the cold, more than an abundant layer of clothes.

Abby Behrens, Video Editor

The best way to get into a spooky mood is to completely immerse yourself in Halloween decorations. I’ve started the tradition of loading up on decorations from the dollar store and covering my living space from floor to ceiling in cartoon ghosts and iconic black cats. It honestly doesn’t feel like October until I have a million pumpkins and fake spiderwebs covering my dorm. 

Kane Mitten, Arts & Life Editor

My family never celebrated Halloween when I was younger, so my version of participating in Halloween season is going to the store on Nov. 1, buying a lot of cheap chocolate candy and then eating it all at once. I’m sick for several days after … but it’s always worth it.

Noël Waltz

Noelle Horn, Assistant News Editor

I never seem to celebrate Halloween early enough. I love passing out candy until my hands are numb from the cold and eating my mom’s chili she makes every year. It’s the time of year where you can be creative and wear black lipstick with a little less judgment than usual. 

Noël Waltz, Copy Editor

My favorite way to celebrate Halloween is to partake in the traditions of Samhain, a celebration that marks the end of the harvest season. It’s almost like a witch’s new year! Halloween favorites that stemmed from this tradition are pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and bonfires! 

Josh Kelly, Managing Editor

My way to get into the spirit is simple and very cost-effective. I walk to class and let the trees do their thing. I also like to stay in bed tucked away in the warm blankets munching on candy corn and Rice Krispies treats I bought with FLEX dollars. The only cost: one-half gallon of apple cider from my home orchard for $3.99.

Corinne Byrne, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year. Pumpkins, spooky movies, chilly weather, costumes, candy—I love it all. I’ll plan an elaborate costume I never get around to actually making and end up staying inside with my sister to watch “Hocus Pocus.” Catch me singing “Spooky Scary Skeletons” all month long.

Noël Waltz

Samantha Brown, Business and Advertising Editor

The switch to cozy sweaters and flannels mixed with feeling the change in the air is when you know fall is here. I love this season and everything that comes with it. Leaves falling, spooky films, creative Halloween costumes, yummy candies, pumpkin muffins and in the words of the great Julie Andrews . . . “these are a few of my favorite things.”

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