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Farewell: Senior Sports Editor Sierra Newton

Our Super Sports Editor will be missed dearly

May 5, 2020

I’ve known I wanted to be a journalist since the fifth grade when I wrote an article on our new playground made out of recycled material, but I didn’t really believe I could do it until I joined The Northerner.

Joining in the fall of 2018, I didn’t know what to expect but once I started writing, I never left. Being a part of this team has been such a great learning experience and shaped my time at NKU to be one for the record books.

Being able to go to several journalism conferences alongside fellow editors and learn from other papers across the region and country is something I will carry with me forever. Also, traveling 13 hours across the country to cover the Norse as a representative of The Northerner—unforgettable!

I’d like to thank NKU faculty and staff, specifically the journalism department. You all make being a part of the journalism program feel warm and welcoming.

Britta Gibson: Although Britta isn’t in the college of Informatics, she’s helped shape my time at NKU. She’s become a mentor and confidant and has been there for me during some tough times at NKU with kind words.

Michele: Thank you for always pushing me to be a better writer and for all the opportunities you’ve given me. You’ve been a big help and a strong supporter and I appreciate you for that.

Wes: Thank you for suggesting that book freshman year. I held onto that until I had you in class again. Your passion and drive to help students become the best versions of themselves is something I admire about you. Thank you so much for all your support and mentorship over the years. I can’t wait to land my first broadcast gig and ask you for critiques.

Dean Hume: Thank you. I wouldn’t have taken that step to join The Northerner without you. Your class my sophomore year really pushed me and helped me realize that I am capable of being a sports writer.
Dr. B: Thank you for being supportive and helpful from the first day we met. You critiqued the heck out of an article idea I had the first time I met you. I walked away a little upset because no one had ripped my article like that before but excited because it showed how much you cared. Thank you so much for introducing NABJ to me and to this community. I know that you’ll help shape a lot of NKU journalists in the years to come.

Athletics: Thank you Bryan McEldowney, Chloe Smith, Brandon Hayes and Brad Pope (currently working at the University of Memphis). Starting out I know I had a lot of questions and hadn’t quite mastered the art of being a Sports Editor, but you all were patient and kind and always willing to give me pointers. Working with you all made my job easy and I appreciate you always making time for The Northerner when it came to handling the media.

Norse Nation fan page: Thank you so much for always reading about, critiquing and discussing the Norse. Without you all I wouldn’t have people to write for. Thank you for being a springboard of ideas and for always being so kind when I interviewed you or whenever we ran into each other at NKU events. I’m grateful to have you all be a part of The Northerner; your readership means a lot and I hope you all can keep that going with the next sports Editor! He’s a pretty cool guy who’s super talented!

To the Northerner Staff: You all have become my family! Thank you for all the smiles, laughs and even the long stressful nights in the newsroom. Being surrounded by you all truly pushed me to become a better writer, editor and friend. I’m also so upset that I didn’t join sooner to spend more time with you all, but I’m SO grateful for all the times I did have. You all are talented journalists in your respective areas and I’ve learned so much from each of you.

Rachel: Although we didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time getting to know each other, I am so proud and inspired by you. You jumped right in and got to work with great, hard-hitting stories. I respect you so much. You’re already an amazing journalist but I know by the time you graduate you’ll be the best of the best.

Kyle: You are crazy talented and are going to write some impactful stories. You’re willingness to learn about communities and dive into your stories is something I truly admire. Also, thank you for coming to the game with me. If you ever want to get into sports, you’ve got it! Thank you for always being so supportive of my work. I’m so excited to read more from you!
Matthew: You’re an amazing writer. It sucks our time working together got cut short but I feel confident knowing you’ll be the Sports Editor to come after me. Your hard work and diligence will get you far. This team is great and will take care of you! You got this!

Natalie: When I started at the paper, you were someone I looked up to. You’re thorough, passionate, an amazing writer and a strong leader. Thank you for making the newsroom feel like home. I appreciate you for all you’ve done for me and for this paper. I’m going to miss being able to bother the Queen of Disney for simple AP questions.

Josh: The other reason why I joined in the first place. Thank you for always being a welcoming, familiar face and for always being there for me. I’m so glad that we’ve gotten to know each other and grow together. You’ve motivated me and helped me become a better writer and person all around. I love our talks in the newsroom and will miss them dearly. I’m excited to see what you do with the rest of your time at NKU.

If you don’t take away anything from this, take away that The Northerner is a special place where you can not only learn from each of your peers but take the time to learn from your own mistakes. The love for journalism and for one another is amazing in this group and is something I hope that you all won’t take for granted. I already miss it so much! Thank you for letting me tell the stories of NKU athletes and be a small part of your lives.

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